Friday, March 12, 2010

I have great friends

I had a grueling 15-hour trip to New York this past weekend, where I was going to visit friends and attend a convention for hairdressers. I took the bus. I know what you are thinking: why is this girl who spends hundreds on shoes taking the bus? Well, it's normally pretty convenient, cheap (more $$ for shoes!), quick and has overnight rides unlike the train (only one departure to NYC during the daytime from Pittsburgh). Oh, and I don't fly (maybe someday).

Despite the ridiculous ride there, I had an incredible time with friends and came home with two amazing items. The first, not shoes at all! It's true, sometimes I like clothing too. I've been wanting this dress for awhile, but the ones on eBay were more than I wanted to spend on a cotton dress. Lo and behold the treasure trove that is Century21 brought me racks and racks of gorgeous clothing at steeply discounted prices.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Atlantic Sunday Dress in black

Fit is small. This is a IT 42, which roughly translates to a US 8, and as you can see from the picture, I definitely will need to wear "support undergarments" with it.

The second item I came home with has been a holy grail since I saw them in person at a local store (but in a mule version, which I cannot wear). I came across them on eBay, but I couldn't decide if I needed or wanted them as bad as I thought, and was unsure of the sizing. My wonderful friend Cecilia, who not only graciously let me stay in her home for my trip, made this shoe miracle possible. Being my shoe-size twin, and knowing I've been pining after these, she agreed to sell them to me. I couldn't be luckier (both for the friend and shoes). They are a bit tricky to walk in, but they are incredibly special.

Prada Satin and Enamel Heel, S/S 2008

Fit on these is true-to-size. I could have possibly sized-down to a 36.5 as the heel slips slightly, but then I would probably have "overhang". I am relegating these to special occasion-only status, only because I do worry the thin heel may snap. I cannot wait to wear them.

Oh, and my ride back to Pittsburgh? Even more interesting. A man (if you can call him that) spit on a lady, who then decked him (rightfully so). We pulled over to wait for the cops, only to have the bus start smoking once we were on the highway. Yeah.