Thursday, January 26, 2012

In the age of dinosaurs

Probably the thing I love best about my job is that we don't have any kind of official dress code. With some casual inquiries and slowly testing the waters, I'm happy to report that so far my quirkier clothes haven't raised any eyebrows -- in fact, my boss' wife called these my "dinosaur tights".

Having no dress code is good and bad. Most of the time, it makes me pretty lazy and indulge in yoga pants and tees. Despite those days, I genuinely like getting dressed up and try to make an effort at least 2-3x per week to ditch the house clothes and instead wear something I wouldn't be embarrassed to run into a frenemy in.

Today's outfit consisted of my favorite new tights, a sale find at Marshall's. When I first saw them I thought "huh. What's with the ruffle?" but the more I looked at them (and the price! they were cheap!) the more I loved them and couldn't wait to wear them.

Wearing something more ostentatious like these requires a bit more of a subdued outfit. I paired the tights (Trasparenze "Melbourne") with an American Apparel wrap dress, Express tank top, and t-strap maryjanes from Kimchi and Blue.

Trasparenze "Melbourne" Tights

The tights are a size 4, which I typically need in Trasparenze (aka "large"), and they are very cozy. They are nicely opaque but not too thick. The ruffle in the back is a chiffon that sways when I move.

I took these pictures while out and about during my lunch break, where I stopped at a thrift not far from work. I found a great pair of flat patent boots there, and for $6 I couldn't say no. They are fun and even better -- insulated! Perfect for the upcoming snow.

Not much else going on in the shoe front here! The snow is kind of getting me down about pretty shoes, but Spring will be here before I know it.