Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vacation (window-) shopping

I was out-of-town this weekend for a conference, and delightedly checked out the shopping in Washington, DC, my beloved stomping grounds from many years ago. I hadn't been there in nearly a year, you may recall the last time I was there for a Louboutin signing, but this time shoes were only a secondary part of my visit.

I only had a bit of time on Sunday to peruse, but I managed to make it to Tyson's Galleria so I could check out the fall wares from Neiman's and Saks. This way, I know my size when sales come as I am decidedly not a full-price shopper. I had wanted to check out the Georgetown shoe shopping as well, but it was so disgusting outside I couldn't deal, and alas I ended up leaving town early.

My favorite find of the trip is from a brand I typically loathe. I'm not sure there's anything that annoys me more than logos ruining the design of something, and Fendi seems to be a master culprit of this habit. First I'll see a beautiful shoe, sadly ruined by their ugly little Fs all "look at me, bitches!"

But, oh the ponyhair! So pretty!

They are available at the Neiman Marcus in Tyson's (703-761-1600) or online at Barneys. I highly recommend the lovely sales associate Tina, who is so wonderful and remembered me, nearly a full year later.

Fendi Ponyhair Bootie, Fall 2010

Fit on these seems true to size. I don't like bugging sales associates when I know I am not buying, so I didn't ask for a larger size than the 36 that was on display, but it seemed as though I would need a 37, but could make a 37.5 work since they are booties. I could not, however, size down.

Next up we have two somethings so fabulous (and completely out of my price range) I couldn't help but try it on. Fur and crystals and satin, oh my! At a mere 3k, surely these would tempt any shoeductress.

Rene Caovilla Jeweled Sandals, Fall 2010

I would say these run true-to-size to slightly small. Both of these were a 36.5 and fit, but just barely. Were I to cough up six thousand dollars (from where, I don't know) and get these, I would probably go with a 37 since there is an ankle strap.

Tomorrow I will weigh in on the not-so-over-the-top, extravagantly priced shoes.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poor man's Brian Atwood

Like many, I'm sure (at least based on the rate these have sold out), I've been lusting after the Brian Atwood "Harrison" pump. So sexy with the corset detailing in the back. Even if I could find them, I am so gutted for fall and cannot stomach the price ($1050, aka more than my mortgage -- it hurt to even type that).

I was looking around for shoes to recommend to an e-pal that had 50s styling to them (I recommended the Enzo Angiolini "Maylies"), and somehow this pair of Jessica Simpson shoes showed up in my search.

They aren't as high, or as elegant, but for nearly 1k less, I'll take it.

Brian Atwood Harrison in Grey Leather

Jessica Simpson Nellia in Black Leather

Brian Atwoods are available at NAP, Jessica Simpson pair at Zappos.

Can't wait for fall

With the hot sticky days of summer coming to an end, I am excited to break out some awesome stockings I picked up on sale at Marshall's awhile back.

I've posted about the Wolford collaborations before, but these are by far the fanciest stockings I own. A very lucky find for a great price. It's definitely worth checking out your local Marshall's/TJ Maxx to check their stocking selection for other great pairs of stockings. I've also seen Emilio Cavallini, Miss Sixty, and Givenchy hosiery there as well. A treasure trove!

I look forward to pairing these with a simple black dress, but I'm really hoping I can find something the same rust color in the stockings.

Kenzo for Wolford stockings, Mossimo Valonia shoes

Fit, like most Wolfords on me, is slightly small. These are a size large, and I usually waffle between a medium and a large in the brand.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You say it's your birthday...

About seven years ago, I had the most perfect pair of Barbie-pink colored heels. The heel was maybe 2.5" tall, and they were bright, stop people in their tracks kind of shoes. Well, they were, until the heels got totally jacked up and I had to retire them.

I'm usually pretty specific about what I'm looking for when I look for shoes, and ever since those lovely loud shoes from my past died, I have been on the hunt for a replacement pair. (Well, quietly on the hunt anyhow. No one really needs fluorescent pink heels)

These showed up, in my size-ish on eBay and I decided to take a chance, you know, being my birthday month and all. These are supposedly my official birthday shoes, and I have been wearing them nearly every day since they arrived. It's love!

And yes, they are really that bright in person!

Christian Louboutin Patent Simple Pump 100 in Fluo Pink Chic

I typically take my true US size in Simple Pumps, but these are a half size up and work perfectly!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me and Tom, again

I think I need to make a new blog category for every time I SWF.

Cecilia had posted about getting these holy grail shoes of hers, but in the black velvet version, awhile back and ever since seeing them, I wanted to track down a similar pair. I couldn't find the black velvet, but instead I came across them in natural python. Oooh la la. The pictures were kind of sketchy and it was a BIN auction for a good price (especially for python) so I responded with my usual "buy now, think (and sell if they don't work) later".

Well they just came in the mail and they are absolutely gorgeous. A little worn, but I used a reptile conditioner I purchased on a tip from a lovely lady on tPF (DYO reptile conditioner) and they look nearly brand-new now. I love the sculptural high-gloss enamel heel, and just the overall shape of the shoe is amazing.

Tom Ford is a genius.

Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Python Wedges 2004

Fit on these is variable. These are slightly too big for me (they are a 37.5), but with the ankle strap and the strangely shaped toe area, they don't look overly big. A 37 would have been perfect, but you do what you can with eBay finds. Comfort is decent for the 4.25" wedge heel height, but I will definitely be putting an insole to make these more wearable.

The nail polish was a quick find at CVS, and my modified Big Lebowski tribute. It is Confetti's "My favorite Martian". Not bad for $1.99.