Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poor man's Brian Atwood

Like many, I'm sure (at least based on the rate these have sold out), I've been lusting after the Brian Atwood "Harrison" pump. So sexy with the corset detailing in the back. Even if I could find them, I am so gutted for fall and cannot stomach the price ($1050, aka more than my mortgage -- it hurt to even type that).

I was looking around for shoes to recommend to an e-pal that had 50s styling to them (I recommended the Enzo Angiolini "Maylies"), and somehow this pair of Jessica Simpson shoes showed up in my search.

They aren't as high, or as elegant, but for nearly 1k less, I'll take it.

Brian Atwood Harrison in Grey Leather

Jessica Simpson Nellia in Black Leather

Brian Atwoods are available at NAP, Jessica Simpson pair at Zappos.


  1. I die for those shoes!!!

    Sorry, i watched rachel zoe last night

  2. Erin - these are so similar to a pair of Zu pumps I bought a while back I had to share em with you

  3. @gabfran - great minds think alike :)