Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas seems a time for family, but at 7:30 am, I quickly dressed and headed downtown for Second Cut at Saks. First things first, let me talk about the appalling service at the Saks shoe department in Pittsburgh (putting keywords here so they are hopefully reading). I didn't see anything I loved really in the sale section, so I inquired about another favorite brand of mine that they don't stock regularly, but sometimes keep a pair or two in the back from returns. I asked two sales associates before someone would help me by taking a peek in the back.

I understand every second lost on the sales floor during the frenzy means a possible loss of a sale, but a polite "I don't have time now, but I can check later" would have been helpful. The only sale section that seemed wonderful to me was Chanel. They were only first cut for those (30%), so definitely not enticing me to bite, but some really cute styles (and all my size!).

My favorite find was a velvet lower-heeled shoe, adorned with the signature camellia. Beautiful and a manageable height, these ran surprisingly true-to-size for Chanel. These were the last pair (I believe), a 37, and they fit perfectly.

I really am not a fan of the clog-style shoes, but I couldn't help but try these on for fun. Maybe UNfun, I should say. I know I get annoyed when people ask me "how can you walk in those?!" but I can't imagine people walking gracefully in these. They were uncomfortable, awkward and heavy (to me, anyhow). I admire the chutzpah of clog-wearers, but they most definitely aren't for me in form or function. Sizing seemed to be small. These are a 38 (the only pair there), and the 37.5 would have worked best for me, but the 38 wasn't unbearably large.

I love, love, love the cap-toe maryjane flats. These were so soft, and I had a gift card so it was difficult for me to put them down, but for such a staple, I can't imagine purchasing it in bone. Already in-store I could see some light stains waiting to take form, so I placed them back on the rack after a quick try on. These also ran small. I tried on the 37.5, but I could have worn a 38 comfortably.

All of the above are (or were as of yesterday) available at Saks in Pittsburgh, so it's worth a call to see if they are still there for purchase. Unfortunately, I don't have a Sales Associate to recommend, as everyone seemed pretty inattentive and rude.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Keeping warm

Quite possibly the cutest styling I've seen in awhile, and a way to winterize warm weather shoes. I spied this lovely gal wearing mule slides, with legwarmers pulled over her foot to meet the shoe so she stayed warm even though her heels weren't covered by shoe. Makes me want to be a ballerina.


Legwarmers with Silver Sequined mules from Sugar

Friday, December 3, 2010


I was a little late yesterday meeting friends for coffee, but with good reason. Okay, not a good reason, but I wanted to peruse Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, since I'm so rarely in the South Side.

I didn't really have time to look about Forever 21 (and usually their shoes don't appeal to me so it's a moot point anyhow), but I did look around at Urban and see the cutest pair of spectator heels.

I generally like the shoe selection at Urban, but I've noticed their house brands have taken over more than other brands. Thankfully, the Kimchi & Blue line is really cute. I saw several pairs I liked, but these spectators called to me the most.

A beautiful creamy white and soft black together, in the smoothest leather I've felt in awhile. So buttery soft they almost felt like suede. Incredibly comfortable for their 3.5" heel height. The conical heel makes them really easy to walk in, as well. I can see these with all kinds of outfits. Available in-store and online, here.

Kimchi & Blue Wingtip Spectator heels

Fit is a bit large on these. I tried on the 7, and would definitely have preferred a 6.5. Due to the softness of the leather, I probably could have even gotten away with stretching out a pair of 6s.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A day late and a dollar short

I had some time to kill yesterday, so I spent it checking out the shoe section at Marshall's. They had a really nice selection, and some fun styles to try on.

I remember when the Balenciaga moto boots came out, I thought they were pretty heinous. They've kind of grown on me, but not enough to shell out 5k (obviously). They didn't grow on me enough to spend $300 on the Sam Edelman knockoffs. I'm not sure if they've even grown enough on me to spend $129 at Marshall's for these spinoffs of the original knockoffs, but I have to say I rather liked them in person.

I was expecting them to be really heavy and hard to wear, but they are surprisingly light. The platform is really exaggerated, making them pretty comfy, too. Not sure I can pull these off, but they'd be fun for a night.

Sam Edelman Zoyla Studded Bootie in Black Leather

Fit is true to size, as I took a 7 in these. The pitch is not steep since the platform is nearly half the bootie, but while they were easy to walk in... I can't imagine walking miles in them. They are available at several retailers online, but for the price it's worth checking out your local discount shop.

I also loved this studded peep-toe clog from the same brand. SO cute and adorable on, but they were too difficult for me to walk in. I don't do well with clogs, or shoes that don't adhere to my ankles somewhat, so I was expecting that with these. I don't remember their price, but I believe it was similar to the Zoylas.

Sam Edelman Zachery

Fit on these was large, but narrow in the toe box. These were a size 6, but I would have needed to stretch out the toe box tremendously to make them work.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday

I am usually too lazy to do a lot of shopping on the busiest day of the year, but I do like to go downtown to check out Black Friday, since it's never usually too crowded there.

This was the sale selection in my size at Saks (this is the 7-7.5 rack):

It's crap, right? I'm on a no-shoes except for the Mauds ban for awhile, but I was still disappointed. The clothing selection wasn't much better, imo.

The only pairs I really loved there, were some from Kate Spade, especially these glitter pumps. The last pair was an 8 (too big for me), but they were darling in person and perfect for holiday parties.

Kate Spade Charm Glitter Bow Slingbacks, FW 2010

If you'd like to try to track them down, they are sold out on the site, but you can still use the store locator. Here is the link.

All is not lost though, I finally ended up buying those Doc knockoffs at Kmart. Really, one of my best buys all year. $20, and I've been living in them this weekend!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Guest Blogger: Wedding Shoes

This entry is a guest blogging by my dear friend Jess, of the blog Consume or Consumed, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for over ten years. Wedding shoes are so special, and I was happy to be a part in helping her find hers. I was honored to witness the happiness between her and her partner and wish them many years of bliss.

Christian Louboutin Coquine in Yellow Satin

I can't say enough good things about my wedding shoes. But choosing them wasn't an easy or quick process. When I (along with my partner) decided to get married, I told myself that if I hit the lottery (and miraculously become less clumsy on atop anything higher than 3 inches), I would buy Christian Louboutin Very Noeud satin bow pumps to wear that day. Then I remembered that I don't play the lottery. So I started looking at Caparros (which are pretty enough, even if they do unabashedly knock off many CL styles). I was resolved to pick up some pretty purple satin slingbacks even though they didn't feel fabulous enough for my wedding day outfit. That was until my dear friend, Erin of the incredible shoe blog Shoe Love, started sending me links to auctions for Christian Louboutin styles on eBay. After adding a few to my watch list, I noticed that no one had bid on one specific pair with a reserve price and a reasonable heel height that I could manage (80 mm). I am usually a size 37.5 or 38 in European brands but I had no clue what I would wear in CLs. These were size 38 so I hoped they might fit me. I set my snipe service to bid at the last minute. Unfortunately, because the reserve was not met, I didn't win. No one did. Eventually the seller relisted with no reserve and a much lower starting price. I won them for $50 less than I was prepared to pay. And they arrived soon after, complete with the red shoe bag and box.

When I tried them on at first, I felt a tinge of worry wash over me. They seemed to be long enough in the sole to fit my feet, but the toe box felt narrow. And on a day when I would be wearing them for hours and hours, I wanted to be relatively comfortable. I stuffed them with as much tissue as I could squeeze and periodically wore them around the house with socks in the hopes that things would stretch. Satin doesn't stretch much, but somehow (perhaps it was the placebo effect) they seemed to be more comfortable after a few tries. This was around six months prior to the wedding date. I was set to start dress shopping and was glad to have shoes.

But when I told people I purchased wedding shoes before even trying on a single wedding dress, many seemed surprised. This made me worry a bit too. Had I made a rash decision? Just in case I ordered a pewter pair of bejeweled Stuart Weitzman pumps and the purple Caparro slingbacks (pictures here). After I selected my dress, I brought all three to my first fitting appointment. I tried each on with the dress, while standing on carpet so I could return if neither of the new pairs worked out. The Loubs were the clear front-runner. They complimented the dress so well! And my mom, sister, and the bridal boutique employees felt unanimous agreement with me. I stuffed the toe box again and packed them away 'til the week of. I probably could have worn them more frequently to practice and stretch the toe box. But I kind of forgot about them, unless it was a fitting appointment day. When I packed up my things to check into the hotel on the eve of the wedding, I was excited to bring such fancy shoes with me. I put them on and walked around the hotel room the night before, to get an idea of how they would feel. And I wore the Caparros to the rehearsal dinner.

The day of the wedding was a blur of excitement and joy. And although I did get blisters from the narrowish toe box, I had band aids and was so distracted by my enthusiasm that I barely felt my feet. I did switch to flats (borrowed from Erin herself) for some of the dancing. When I took off my shoes I put them on a table and a few of my cousins gushed over their signature red soles, in addition to their general sparkle and beauty. I felt confident in my selection and was glad I went with the Christian Louboutins. They were the most glamorous of my options and well worth the blisters and the price.


Note: since I am greedy and don't have boundaries, I asked Jess to try on these shoes as well and found them to run small. These 38s were just barely big on me, and should I have the luck to be her shoe twin someday, I would need a 37.5.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh the Horror

Boy, it's been awhile! Not on hiatus, just busy.

On a shoe subforum I frequent, there is a "shoes in action" thread. Here is a recent favorite, taken at the Shadowcast performance of Rocky Horror Picture show. I hadn't been to see it at a theater since my teens, but I was happy to be an elder member of the audience and enjoy the show. I went as Columbia.

My erm, 'interesting' costume. I am never using color hairspray again! It took days for it to wash out, and got everywhere. I sadly didn't even win the costume contest, which had the exciting prize of a still from the movie signed by Barry Bostwick! Face blurred because I was making a silly face. What can I say? I'm vain.

On another note, I am quasi-banned except for the Louboutin Maudissima that I am hoping to get soon. You know, once I figure out what I need to shill to make these happen for me. I'm not usually a retail girl (read: full-price), but I've been looking for a low-vamp shoe for quite some time and these are exactly what I want.

Christian Louboutin Maudissima in Black Patent, S/S 2011

I have some other recent acquisitions to share, but need to unlazy about taking real pictures.

Friday, October 22, 2010

More tights! More tights!

I made an amazing discovery the other day - Trasparenze stockings at TJ Maxx. I couldn't believe my eyes because I can't even seem to find this brand in the US (at least around here) at regular price and to see them steeply discounted makes me beyond giddy. Now I'm on the hunt to seek out more.

Check your local TJX and Marshall's, folks! As a side note, it was also posted on tPF that CLs were found at TJX, so an even better reason to run there.

Trasparenze "Erline" tights, shown with Nine West T-strap heels

Fit on these tights is small. I usually lean towards a 3 in Trasparenze, and these are a 4 that are quite snug on me. Unfortunately, I don't think they make larger than a 4 so I'm SOL (and my chances of finding them at discount if they DID make that size is questionable).

PS: Don't forget Saks friends & family is still going on. Perfect chance for you (and me) to pick up those Wolford Bondage tights.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The color purple

I'm wearing purple today, are you?

It seemed fitting as I got these shoes recently, to post them today. I am in no way trying to show my vapid consumerism as a sign of solidarity, but the color is in theme -- in spirit. (Incidentally, it is cold as hell outside and I am not wearing these shoes, but instead purple thermal leggings and a black dress)

When Terry de Havilland 'came back' with a line of chic platforms, I noticed them on Shopbop. Amazing, beautiful. Kind of terrifying, actually. I remember still toddling around in kitten heels at the time and pretty much frightened by the toweringness of these shoes.

Years later, I decided I needed them in my life. Per usual, I decided to stalk eBay until a pair came up to my liking and size(ish). This brings us to the beautiful Margot style in purple suede and python. They're crazy, and still kind of intimidating to wear, but I can't wait til spring to break these beauties out. (After I get the strap shortened by my cobbler -- they're a bit big on my ankles) The color is closer to that of the second picture.
The suede is really interesting on these. From some angles, it almost looks like satin, but it's a really cool metallic suede that is the softest ever. These are not for wallflowers, and I welcome that.

Terry de Havilland Margot Wedges, circa 2004?

Fit on these is slightly small. These are a 38, and I think a 37.5 would have been perfect (and I could have worked a 37 with mild toe overhang). Comfort seems great thanks to the massive platform.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shine on you crazy diamond, pt. 2

Remember those green glittered shoes? These? I ended up returning them (and sold the other shoes I bought that day. It was fail all around). I just couldn't make the sizing work, and for St. Patrick's Day-esque shoes, I wasn't really willing to make it work.

I really wanted something in green glitter though, so I decided I was going to try to make them myself with a pair of shoes I got on clearance at Target awhile ago. Armed with some really good tips from the D.I.Y. thread in the Louboutin subforum of the Purse forum, I stopped by JoAnn Fabrics and picked up some green glitter and tacky glue. Then to a hardware store for some tape to tape off the parts I didn't want to get glitter on.

I taped off the bottom and inside of the shoes in preparation, like many had recommended before starting.

First I used tacky glue that I applied with a spatula. It was really time consuming and kind of messy. I ended up going out and getting tacky glue that had a built in brush attached to it. This was so much quicker and easier, not to mention way less waste/mess.

All said and done, it took maybe an hour for both (probably 45 minutes for the first shoe, and 15 for the second which I completed maybe a month later after I unlazied enough to finish them).

Lessons learned? I didn't tape off the second shoe. For dyeing shoes, I think it's totally appropriate and necessary, but for glue and glitter I realized I didn't need to -- the glitter got everywhere anyhow. If I decide to do another pair of glittered shoes, I would definitely get a mix of fine AND chunky glitter. I think it would lay better and have a better textured look. This looks a little clumpy to me.

The ladies in the D.I.Y. thread swear by Gem Tac, but I couldn't find it in-store. Perhaps next time, as I hear it's really nice and easy to work with. I did like the Aleene's tacky glue with the brush, though.

These shoes aren't nearly as fabulous as the originals, but I had fun doing them and I saved an embarrassing amount of money by doing them myself. Next up in D.I.Y.? Probably dyeing a nude pair of shoes black to make them more everyday. When I get brave enough, I want to work with crystals.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Something's fishy

Lately I've totally been into mesh, netting, sheer... shoes. I've already got the market cornered on the stockings front in those genres, but the idea of having a peekaboo shoe is pretty sexy to me.

This isn't a new idea, to be sure. I have some vintage pumps that allude to this version of sexy, and that's exactly what it is -- an allusion, a peek. Like a blouse with a sheer panel, understated and cool.

I troved the internet to see more of what I'm craving right now and found these shoes.

From ModCloth, "A Night's Tale Heel". They do that annoying Anthropologie thing where they don't tell you who makes it so you can buy it somewhere else. I like the silver and black combined. The open toe and back makes them perfect to me for nights out.

Lori's Shoes (a really great shoe store and website, with good customer service in my experience) has the Jeffrey Campbell "Clara" bootie. I'm not always a fan of peep-toe booties, but I think these pull it off well.

On the more subdued side is Kate Spade's "Karlisle" pump. I think these work on all occasions, and definitely give the bang for your buck. Not too sexy to be worn at the office, but fancy enough for a dinner out.

Manolo Blahnik does a lovely mesh pump that was very near to what I was looking for, until I found it exactly.

And me? I've been wearing these non-stop since I tracked them down. I don't usually love pointy toe, but I find these subtle enough to placate me.

Christian Louboutin Haute et Nue Mesh Pigalle 100mm in Black Leather

Fit on these is slightly big. These are a 37.5, and I probably needed a 36.5. I have them padded with heel pads and two insoles to make them fit, and they are still a touch big. I had a hard enough time finding my size though, that I make it work. Because they have no structure, they are really comfortable.

If you wanna be my shoe twin, I find these pop up on eBay from time to time. There is a petrol pair currently up now from Jordan Price (!!!). Note they are 120mm which runs a half to full size large.

Monday, September 27, 2010

No matter what the weather

Times must be pretty bad when someone resorts to stealing coupons, right? If you're curious, I'll tell you more, but for now I will say that I can't imagine the gall of people sometimes.

Onto happier thoughts, an order from mytights finally arrived just in time for colder weather. All last winter I had debated ordering the fleece-lined thigh highs from the brand Plush (available at Shopbop), but I was worried they wouldn't stay up well so I never did.

This time around, I found a pair from Trasparenze. They are wool, not fleece, but seem to be very warm and cozy (if a bit itchy) so far. The band at the top stays up very nicely and does not dig in on my legs at all. I love the idea of these, because yes I want warmth, but don't love wearing full-fashioned nylons as much, so these are a perfect compromise.

They look great in person and are semi-sheer. They don't have a "nubby wool" look to them, so if you are hoping for something more substantial, these aren't for you. I find the quality of these to be really nice, especially for the price (which I think is reasonable for well-made stockings).

Trasparenze Jennifer Wool Hold ups, shown with Forever 21 Studded pumps

Fit on the hold ups seems slightly small. I anticipated these running a bit smaller as they are wool, and ordered the size 3/4 even though I fall in the 1/2 range. I probably could have gotten away with the smaller size, but these stay up well and I'd rather have the knowledge that if they shrink a little when I (hand) wash them it'll be okay. They come in charcoal as well and are available at Mytights.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye summer, hello fall

Still on the hunt for perfect flat black boots, but I spied these at Saks and thought they were fantastic. Maybe when friends and family rolls around.

I love the zipper detailing -- which starts at the back of the boot, and the ability to wear these boots zipped up all the way or snapped down. I wish the toe box was a bit rounder, but they are still pretty perfect.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Ziparound Tall Boots in Black Leather

Fit on the boots is true to size, these are the 37. The comfort seems pretty decent, but the leather isn't as soft as I'd like. I guess that is par for the course in boots, to keep them sturdy enough to last.

I think it's fitting as I welcome colder weather, I say one last goodbye to warm summer sandals. These blingtastic sandals were and amazing eBay score. 95% off retail. Seriously. I feel very lucky to have found them, even though I'm sure they are incredibly over-the-top. They don't go with everything, but I wear them like that anyhow.

Christian Louboutin Adona Sandals in Silver/Gold Specchio

Fit on the sandals is true to size to slightly large. These are a 36, and I have very mild toe overhang.

Note: the sandals look fantastic because I took the picture with my film camera, not my cheap digi cam. I was finishing off a roll, I don't usually use film to document my shoes. Still looking for a nice digi cam.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Travel Shopping

I was in Columbus this weekend and per usual in my travels, I checked out the local shopping. Or rather, chain shopping but in a different locale. I'm bland and boring like that.

I was super excited especially to see the finds at The Runway at TJ Maxx, and I wasn't disappointed. How come my TJ Maxx doesn't look like this?! Run to your local Runway section if you have one. The prices aren't quite as good as say Nordstrom Rack, but they were decent enough on older finds that might be difficult to unearth other than on eBay.

Just some fun pictures. I was good to my bank account and didn't buy anything. They had lots of cool shoes available, but my favorites were these three. My favoritest was the Sergio Rossi pair. My shopping buddy called them "tacky", but I call them brilliant!

Sergio Rossi Yvette Fringed Sandals

Fit on these sandals seems pretty true to size. These are a 36.5, and while I may have preferred the 37 for length, the ankle wrap would have been too big in a 37.

Yves Saint Laurent Suede Sandals

I'm finding YSL seems to run small. These are the 36 and my foot was loafed into this pair. I think I would have needed a 37, could have gotten away with a 37.5 because of the strap.

Christian Dior Patent Leather Booties

Fit on these seemed true to size. The only size available was the 8, and I thought 'what the hell, I'll try em anyhow', and of course they were too big.

The local Saks at Polaris Fashion Place was fantastic as well. I adored all the eye candy but somehow maintained my willpower not to buy (or rather, they didn't have my size in what I loved).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love Angel Music Baby

There are a lot of celebrity designers out there, but very few that I think actually do anything creative -- at least more than just redesigning things already in their wardrobe. Or telling their minions to redesign them, anyhow. I find Gwen Stefani to be the exception to the rule.

I really like her designs, both shoe and clothing, but have never crossed that bridge to actually owning anything from the line. Maybe some day.

While at Nordstrom, I tried on the Glamette and Plum shoes from the fall line. Both looked super hot from my viewpoint of them not being on my feet.

I really loved the Plum. The style and design is very retro in my opinion, and they felt wonderful. The price was very decent for a bridge line, and even better if they hit the sales!

The Glamette... well yes these were hot as all get out on. I know everyone is sick of thigh high boots/over-the-knee boots but I still love them. Will still wear them. Even with my love of OTK, these were a little too over-the-top (even for me).

L.A.M.B. Glamette in Black Leather

L.A.M.B. Plum in Black Suede

Fit on the Glamette was true to size. I tried on the 36.5 and the fit was perfect. I would possibly have wanted a 37 to allow for socks. The comfort was nonexistent. Seriously, these may have been the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever had on my feet (and I owned Rolandos until recently, so that is saying something). There was no cushioning and I felt like there were knives jabbing me from the 2 feet I walked in these. I know "pain is beauty" but I don't roll like that.

Fit on the Plum seems slightly large to size. I tried on the 36, and while they were incredibly snug, I'm not sure I would have sized up due to suede's tendency to stretch a lot. They were very easy to walk in and the comfort was pretty great.

The Glamette is available at various places, including Shopbop. The Plum wedge is available in black at Nordstrom online, grey and black at Shopbop, and in a delicious wine color at Nordstrom retail locations.

Note: I wear the shoes pictured a LOT. They are pretty much my go-to black shoe. I wrote about them here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mock Doc(k)

Doc Martens have been on the brain a lot lately. My parents never would have spent that much for a pair for me when I wanted them in junior high/high school era, but I was fortunate to get a hand-me-down pair from a friend. I wore them to the ground (literally, the seams were splitting) and had to give them up years ago (had I known then what I know now about cobblers, perhaps I could have saved them).

A lady on one of my fashion boards posted about a pair of Doc knockoffs at Kmart of all places, and I was enticed. She said they were comfortable for a two-mile walk she did recently, and that made me even more intrigued.

I made a trek to Kmart and was pleasantly surprised by how nice they were in person, especially for non-leather shoes. They reminded me of the See by Chloe doc-style shoes, with the wraparound studs. I wish the heel of the boot was flat, but I have a sneaking suspicion these will be making their way in my closet soon enough.

Bongo Lug Fate Boot in Black

Fit on these seems pretty true to size. They didn't have a 6.5, so I tried a 7 and they would be perfect with thick socks and an insole for lots of walking. Available in-store and online (here -- and currently on sale for $20).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Guest" blogger: Brogues

I went to the mall today to sate my new obsession: leather shirts. I had seen a very nice fitted leather shirt online at NY&Co (available online here). They didn't have it in-store, but while I was at the mall I figured I'd check out what's going on at the stores (btw -- NY&Co is seriously stepping up it's game lately).

I stopped in J. Crew and saw a sales associate with the best brogues I've seen in person. She offered to start me a fitting room, but before I could let the chance get away from me, I (creepily) asked if I could take a picture of her shoes for this blog. She obliged so sweetly, so thank you to M at J. Crew!

J Crew Camden Leather Brogues in Light Ginger Fall 2010

According to M, these shoes run slightly large. She told me she is normally an 8.5-9, and ordered these in a 9 and finds them to be big. She said they are really comfortable and she is able to wear them all day for work. I don't know if they are online-only (they didn't have them in my store), but they are available here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eve, the apple of my eye

I've got something of a fondness for snakes. In fashion. It started with the craving for the Diane Von Furstenberg Eve snake dress (which I do not own, but would love to -- size 8, 10, or 12, please email me if you see it!). Maybe instead I feel an affinity with Eve.

Diane Von Furstenberg Eve Dress, 2007

One of my favorite all-time movie lines is from Gas, Food, Lodging:
Darius: Well its like Adam and Eve. He was fine
grooving in paradise, but Eve wanted something
scary. She wanted the fucking edge. She wanted
to jump off cliffs just so she could see what
it was like to fall.
And so, like Eve, I gravitate towards the snakes. In this instance, it's shoes. Ever since the Caovilla "Plisse" sandals (which I also do not own, but would love to -- size 37) Rene Caovilla has been on my radar.

Rene Caovilla Plisse Sandals Fall 2009

Like I needed more overly expensive shoes on my brain, right? So now I have the brand saved as a search on eBay, and then these vintage beauties showed up.

Beautiful red satin shoes with an intricate lattice on the uppers, finished with a crystal-encrusted snake. How could I pass up serpent shoes to match my evil personality? I couldn't.

Rene Caovilla Vintage Satin and Crystal Sandals

Fit on the vintage sandals is slightly small. After trying on a bunch of Caovilla shoes in DC, I've found that a 37 is my perfect size in this brand (up from my usual 36.5 open-toe size). These are a 37.5 and are just slightly big, but the ankle strap makes them work great.

Note: polish is a quick hack job of China Glaze's Lubu Heelz.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Variation on a theme

Once upon a time, Prada did a beautiful shoe collection with sculptural flower heels. I fell in love with the collection, and sought out the shoes. And then I found a dress to match perfectly. You may have read about such wondrous finds when I blogged about it here.

Well, I complained the dress was a bit too snug (it is, even with a corset), and I just happened to be glancing at the Outnet's 80% off flash pop-up sale, when what should appear, in my size but this dress?! It's in another color, and I'm not sure if I will dye it black or not (because in effort of balance and budgets I will sell the smaller one), but I am over the moon at this dress that fits me much more modestly. (and definitely happy I'm not going to rip a seam wearing it)

But wait! What else did I happen to come across but the very Prada shoes I wanted, in a color I didn't know existed. I feel greedy and gluttonous having two pairs of the same hard to find shoes, but I guess selfishness is just a quality I've come to accept in myself. I haven't decided 100% on keeping them, as they are a size bigger than I wear, but I will try padding them and seeing how it goes.

Fit is the same as mentioned in the previous post, but to reiterate - the dress in white is actually two sizes bigger than the black one, and the size in between the two would have been better, but I think this looks better just slightly big than sausaged on me like the other. The shoes are a whole size bigger than the pair in black, but I am hopeful I can pad them to perfection.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DC window-shopping, part deux

On the don't need a second mortgage shoe front, here are some other lovely shoes I spied in DC.

When I saw these boots on a shelf, I thought they were pretty cool looking. They reminded me a little bit of the Balenciaga wedge/heel moto-boots that were a crazy trend (and knocked off by Sam Edelman to great success), but not as intense (or high) as those. I still need a "flat" boot for fall, and though these are wedges, they have good traction and seem really comfortable to walk in. They are available in the knee-high version at ShopBop (though they do not seem to have smaller than a 37), and in a ankle bootie at Saks.

Ash Ursula Wedge Boots, Fall 2010

Fit on these is slightly large. The boots in the picture are a 36, and they fit me well without socks, but a 36.5 would be perfect with the availability to wear tights when it gets cold out.

I really love the brand Elizabeth and James. Nearly every piece I've seen I've fallen in love with, and the shoes are just as wonderful. I really like the snake-embossed pair of these shoes on ShopBop, and Saks had them in leather to try on for size. They are gorgeous, and finely crafted. They remind me a bit of Charlotte Olympia and Nicholas Kirkwood combined, classic with an edge.

Elizabeth and James Mason Heel in Black Leather, Fall 2010

Fit on these is tts to slightly large. I have seemingly been 36.5 in most shoes lately (versus my usual 37), and that's what I took in these with slight heel slippage.

Chie Mihara seems to make amazing, and amazingly comfortable shoes. I had the Lumis, which have recently gone to a new home, and they were wonderful (but I found myself always reaching for ballet flats instead of t-strap flats). I love the vintage-detailing on these shoes, and the modest heel heights that make them wearable.

Chie Mihara Arizona in Red Suede and Chie Mihara Bootie in Black Leather, Fall 2010

oth shoes seemed to run slightly large to true size. I took a 36.5 in the red pair (though in the picture I am wearing a 36), and a 37 in the black pair. I couldn't find the red online, but they are available in grey at Endless, and forest green at Saks. The booties do not seem to be available online in all my sleuthing, but are available at Neiman Marcus, Tyson's Corner. Again, I cannot recommend the lovely sales associate Tina enough (703-761-1600).

I can't wait to get out there and try more shoes on. Viva fall!