Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Guest" blogger: Brogues

I went to the mall today to sate my new obsession: leather shirts. I had seen a very nice fitted leather shirt online at NY&Co (available online here). They didn't have it in-store, but while I was at the mall I figured I'd check out what's going on at the stores (btw -- NY&Co is seriously stepping up it's game lately).

I stopped in J. Crew and saw a sales associate with the best brogues I've seen in person. She offered to start me a fitting room, but before I could let the chance get away from me, I (creepily) asked if I could take a picture of her shoes for this blog. She obliged so sweetly, so thank you to M at J. Crew!

J Crew Camden Leather Brogues in Light Ginger Fall 2010

According to M, these shoes run slightly large. She told me she is normally an 8.5-9, and ordered these in a 9 and finds them to be big. She said they are really comfortable and she is able to wear them all day for work. I don't know if they are online-only (they didn't have them in my store), but they are available here.


  1. Nude brogues would work with just about anything - the detailing on those is superb. Did she even blink an eyelid when you asked her to model for you?

    Hey - when are you going to guest blog for me?

  2. i will write something soon! promise :)

    she looked at me kind of funny at first when i asked her and then she was like "what's a shoe blog?" she must not be very internet. i think it also helped that i am a female.

  3. @sarah, i know right? these are great. i am hoping to snag these on sale.