Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eve, the apple of my eye

I've got something of a fondness for snakes. In fashion. It started with the craving for the Diane Von Furstenberg Eve snake dress (which I do not own, but would love to -- size 8, 10, or 12, please email me if you see it!). Maybe instead I feel an affinity with Eve.

Diane Von Furstenberg Eve Dress, 2007

One of my favorite all-time movie lines is from Gas, Food, Lodging:
Darius: Well its like Adam and Eve. He was fine
grooving in paradise, but Eve wanted something
scary. She wanted the fucking edge. She wanted
to jump off cliffs just so she could see what
it was like to fall.
And so, like Eve, I gravitate towards the snakes. In this instance, it's shoes. Ever since the Caovilla "Plisse" sandals (which I also do not own, but would love to -- size 37) Rene Caovilla has been on my radar.

Rene Caovilla Plisse Sandals Fall 2009

Like I needed more overly expensive shoes on my brain, right? So now I have the brand saved as a search on eBay, and then these vintage beauties showed up.

Beautiful red satin shoes with an intricate lattice on the uppers, finished with a crystal-encrusted snake. How could I pass up serpent shoes to match my evil personality? I couldn't.

Rene Caovilla Vintage Satin and Crystal Sandals

Fit on the vintage sandals is slightly small. After trying on a bunch of Caovilla shoes in DC, I've found that a 37 is my perfect size in this brand (up from my usual 36.5 open-toe size). These are a 37.5 and are just slightly big, but the ankle strap makes them work great.

Note: polish is a quick hack job of China Glaze's Lubu Heelz.


  1. The blog seems to be eating my comments :(

    Have you seen these Gianmarco Lorenzi serpent shoes...

  2. @gabfran - i HAVE and i LOOOOOOOVE them and have "gianmarco lorenzi snake" saved in my ebay searches but i think those will be really hard to come by :(