Thursday, May 30, 2013

Continued obsession with mesh

I had some time to kill yesterday, so I stopped by Kohl's. I used to think that store was kind of a crapshoot, but there's one near work and I stop by from time to time and often find cute, cheap things (single parent budget).

I really like the Vera Wang stuff there. Some of it feels older than I am (or rather, older than I feel, because at nearly 35 I am probably the target demographic), but there are usually chic, flattering pieces.

First up is the "Svenny" style. These caught my eye when I came in because I was immediately reminded of a similar Miu Miu style from a few years back. Perforated leather seems so sexy to me, and these are no exception.

Simply Vera "SVENNY" in Black

These are a 6.5, and while my feet push forward a bit with the pitch, the sizing is perfect. Comfort is so-so, not great even with the platform. They are available in black and nude (on sale!) on the Kohl's website.

We also have the lovely Jennifer Lopez offering up a nude mesh ankle-strap heel. These are HOT!

Jennifer Lopez Mesh Heels in Nude

I also took these in a 6.5, and found the comfort negligible. For both pairs, I think insoles would help greatly. These are on sale as well at Kohl's for a great price.

It's summer, my toenails are actually painted again, and I'm going to try to be more regular. Welcome back!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Red Wine

I don't have *that* many things that match, so when I find items that go all matchy-matchy for other things I own, I can't help but get them.

I met up with friends for happy hour yesterday, on an incredibly cold day in a bar that had basically no heat. (well, if there was heat, it wasn't felt) I kept my coat on the entire night which was saddening to me because I loved my outfit.

As previously mentioned, I've been on a tights/stockings spree lately. I saw these Jonathan Aston "Siren" tights awhile back, thinking they were super cool, but not sure if I "needed" them. With after-Christmas sales on the Mytights website, I decided to add them to my cart because they were such a great color.

Paired with these tights are all thrift finds. The dress is a dance costume (love!) and the shoes vintage Nine West shoes that seemed to fit with these outfit perfectly. I look and feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Fit on the tights is larger than I expected. I normally always order the largest size available because tight tights feels awful and cut into my stomach. The middle size would have fit nicely. I don't see them online in cranberry, but Figleaves has them on sale for cheap in black!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Long Time Gone

So I got an email that it had been a year (almost, really) since I've last updated this little blog. It's true, I've been lax. Life changes, budget adjustments, etc. They all happen.

My shoe budget has shrunk from the days of yore, but I still appreciate, and have filled that hole more and more lately with tights and stockings, and occasionally pretty dresses.

Over the years I've had the best luck with Marshall's and TJMaxx for my tights purchases, and these latest finds are no different.

So the tights are interesting. I first found them in a deep blue, and called them my "syphilis tights." They were too odd for me *not* to buy, and cheap. I hate wearing jeans, so the winter affords me with the time and the weather to wear warm leg coverings.

Color me surprised when in a Marshall's trolling, I found them in black too, even cheaper. (I guess syphilis isn't a look people are going for) I paired them with another clearance find, and what are swiftly becoming one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

Cynthia Rowley Studded Tights with Steve Madden Concord Flats

The Steve Madden Concord "smoking flats" seem to be available online at various places, but not in the black/black combo. We can be appalled that they are knockoffs, or that I am buying knockoffs, or we can revel that I added cute shoes to my wardrobe. They fit true-to-size to a bit snug. These are a 7, and feel good with or without tights or thin socks. The comfort is so-so, but I suspect the glitterized part of the shoe makes them stiffer.

The Cynthia Rowley tights seem to be aplenty on eBay, and fit relatively larger. These are a small and I was happily surprised that they aren't sausagey on me.

Welcome back, friends! New year, new me. I have many more tights purchases to share and a few shoes here and there. See you soon.