Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goldilocks and the two shoes

Hello! Don't mind my mild hiatus. It's still too hot to shop or look, but I did manage to acquire a pair of shoes I've been wanting. I've wanted these shoes ever since seeing them pop up on shoeperwoman's blog, but it was more of a passing want and I didn't think I needed them until suddenly I found I didn't see them available anymore. It's how it goes.

Finally I tracked down a pair that was too small, and shortly after found a pair that's just right. I'm fortunate I didn't have to mess with the too-big-for-me pair.

Incidentally, this is the second pair of Vivienne Westwood X Melissa Lady Dragon shoes I've purchased (well, other than the fact I bought two pair of these). The first pair was the heart incarnation, in the peach color as well... but I returned those because they were incredibly clowny in person. I also had an issue with the placement of the heart digging into my foot. These thankfully do not have that issue.

The color is absolutely perfect, a nice peachy pink with a pearlescent sheen to it that's just slightly sheer. They are very complimentary to my skin tone, and I imagine would look great on fair-to-tan complexions.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania X Melissa Lady Dragon shoes

Fit on these is kind of weird. The original pair I tracked down was a 36. They were obviously too small, but mostly because the peep is very narrow and my foot couldn't slide all the way down. These are 38s, and while I think the 37 would have fit as well, I like the way these fit and feel. My toes *still* don't peep in them, though, and I think unless you have an exceptionally narrow toe box, yours won't either.

They are adjustable to get a better fit, but the back not-quite-a-sling is awkward. I would really prefer if these were a traditional sling, but all in all I have to say they are incredibly comfortable.

*PS if you are looking for a 36, hit me up before I post them on eBay. They would best fit a 5.5 imo.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sale season: Miu Miu spectator sandals

My friend Sarah said it's too hot to even look at clothing, let alone blog about it. I agree, but here's a pair I tried on in New York that I never got the chance to post about.

The sales are ON! I'm holding back for second cut, but here's a peek at something fabulous that's made the sales racks currently.

These Miu Miu spectator sandals are so lovely for summer and perfect as a transition shoe in the fall. Catch em on sale at Barneys in black or Bluefly in the colorway shown.

Miu Miu Oxford Sandals

Fit on these is small. I tried on the 37 and they just barely fit in length. They were really comfortable for the height, and the strap across the toe is adjustable to accommodate wider feet, or in my case, future bunions.