Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goldilocks and the two shoes

Hello! Don't mind my mild hiatus. It's still too hot to shop or look, but I did manage to acquire a pair of shoes I've been wanting. I've wanted these shoes ever since seeing them pop up on shoeperwoman's blog, but it was more of a passing want and I didn't think I needed them until suddenly I found I didn't see them available anymore. It's how it goes.

Finally I tracked down a pair that was too small, and shortly after found a pair that's just right. I'm fortunate I didn't have to mess with the too-big-for-me pair.

Incidentally, this is the second pair of Vivienne Westwood X Melissa Lady Dragon shoes I've purchased (well, other than the fact I bought two pair of these). The first pair was the heart incarnation, in the peach color as well... but I returned those because they were incredibly clowny in person. I also had an issue with the placement of the heart digging into my foot. These thankfully do not have that issue.

The color is absolutely perfect, a nice peachy pink with a pearlescent sheen to it that's just slightly sheer. They are very complimentary to my skin tone, and I imagine would look great on fair-to-tan complexions.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania X Melissa Lady Dragon shoes

Fit on these is kind of weird. The original pair I tracked down was a 36. They were obviously too small, but mostly because the peep is very narrow and my foot couldn't slide all the way down. These are 38s, and while I think the 37 would have fit as well, I like the way these fit and feel. My toes *still* don't peep in them, though, and I think unless you have an exceptionally narrow toe box, yours won't either.

They are adjustable to get a better fit, but the back not-quite-a-sling is awkward. I would really prefer if these were a traditional sling, but all in all I have to say they are incredibly comfortable.

*PS if you are looking for a 36, hit me up before I post them on eBay. They would best fit a 5.5 imo.


  1. love them!

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