Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sale season: Miu Miu spectator sandals

My friend Sarah said it's too hot to even look at clothing, let alone blog about it. I agree, but here's a pair I tried on in New York that I never got the chance to post about.

The sales are ON! I'm holding back for second cut, but here's a peek at something fabulous that's made the sales racks currently.

These Miu Miu spectator sandals are so lovely for summer and perfect as a transition shoe in the fall. Catch em on sale at Barneys in black or Bluefly in the colorway shown.

Miu Miu Oxford Sandals

Fit on these is small. I tried on the 37 and they just barely fit in length. They were really comfortable for the height, and the strap across the toe is adjustable to accommodate wider feet, or in my case, future bunions.

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