Monday, July 26, 2010


I realized something after seeing the phrase "winsome blogger outfit" on a message board recently that this blog is woefully lacking in "winsome blogger pictures". I had some time on my hands this morning and decided to change that!

Frequently with shoes that I somewhat consider grail-esque, I see them, think "oh they are great, but you know I don't really need them..." until I realize, oh yeah, I do need them! I had pretty much given up on this pair, though, because while they did make a lot of sales, I didn't see them (in my size, anyhow) in a lot of second cut sales.

A lovely lady posted about these popping back up on the Barneys sale, and I snapped them up quickly, thinking it was "guilt-free shopping" since their stock is never updated and I've frequently had orders canceled from them.

Well! They shipped and showed up and I couldn't be happier.

Climbing up steps

Going down the slide

Chilling on the swingset

Obligatory shot actually on the feet
Christian Louboutin Clic Clac Bootie in Suede with Embroidered Mesh inset, shown with Leg Avenue seemed stockings

Fit on these is slightly small. I got these in a 37, and would say the 37.5 would be slightly better. These are based on the Declic shape (which I LOVE), so the toe-box is nice and roomy, and since they are suede they will stretch quite nicely to make them fit better. Most people that reviewed these, however, suggested a half to full size up from US size. It's possible my feet are shrinking.

The stockings are the "Two-Tone Red Cuban-Heeled" stockings from sockdreams. They are just "okay" in my opinion. I agree with the review on the website that they are best with a garter, because they definitely do not stay up on their own. I do like the red cuban heel instead of the typical black, and think they look great setting off the red of the sole.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ankle booties FTW

While I was chilling at Nordstrom checking out the Anniversary Sale, I happened upon these ankle booties (or mid-calf booties, really). I liked their sleekness and shape, I didn't like that they weren't included in the sale.

I didn't even know Vera Wang made shoes outside of the line she does for Kohl's! This was the only pair I spied at Nordstrom, but a cursory Googling assures me there is more. (not that I didn't presume that anyhow... but you know what they say about "assuming")

The leather is really soft on the main part of the shoe, and stretches at the shaft of the boot to keep a clean line on the leg. Generally I'm not a fan of stretch boots, but I'm really digging these.

Vera Wang Lavender Fiona Bootie

Fit is huge on these. I am wearing the 36 in the picture, and while I like to size up in boots to allow for socks/tights, 36.5 is still at least a half size smaller than I would wear in boots normally. They seemed relatively comfortable, and are helped by a generous platform.

Unfortunately, these don't seem to be available for purchase on the Nordstrom website That fact alone is making me weepy wondering if these will make it to the sales rack, but then again I do have quirky tastes.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I was "in the hood" and decided to stop by the local mall. I didn't even realize the Anniversary Sale (AS) was going on. (I rarely shop brick-and-mortar)

The AS is usually pretty cool. They put brand spanking new fall items out at a steep discount (I believe 40%) for two-ish weeks and then as soon as the sale is over, the stock goes back to full-price. I think it's kind of a jump-start for fall, and gives them a boost of sales before any sale season actually starts.

I walked around the shoe department and was pleasantly surprised by the styles on sale. Lots of nice pumps, boots and all kinds of cool shoes. I'm pretty predictable, and being so, I tried on the pumps mostly. Here's what I loved.

Stuart Weitzman's Stiltspump, a gorgeous exposed platform pump, was my favorite of the night. It was classy and sexy, with unbelievable comfort. I'm usually not a fan of a stacked wood heel (painted black or not), but I actually may cave on these because they are something I've been looking for for awhile -- black nappa, decent heel, comfortable, round-toe.

Stuart Weitzman Stiltspump in Black Nappa, Fall 2010

Fit on these is large. I don't own any Stuart Weitzman shoes, but when I've tried them on I've usually found them narrow and small. These are a roomy 6.5, and I possibly could have worn a 6 if need be.

Steve Madden Linderr boot surprised me with how nice they seemed. They were on a table with Frye boots (which were also on sale), and I automatically assumed they were Fryes as well. I sold my Veronicas (I know, but after they stabbed my toes on my New York trip, I gave them the heave ho. They went to BCO's emmmmma) and wanted to find a comparable pair of flat black boots. I liked these a lot, and the comfort seemed decent, but I'm not sure about the ruching around the toe.

Steve Madden Linderr Boot in Black Leather, Fall 2010

Fit is true-to-size on these. I am wearing a 6.5 in the picture, but with socks a 7 would be best.

I had to try on Calvin Klein Scarlet for Sarah, of the Worn In Love blog. The color and shape was very similar to the shoes I was wearing that she has been lusting after (Loeffler Randall Neve, hard to find outside of eBay). The suede is a rich jewel-blue tone and they are gorgeous in person. I'm kind of wondering how hard it would be to find a leather-worker to make a perforated suede "bib" for these shoes to get the same look?

Calvin Klein Scarlet Platform Pump in Royal Blue Suede

Fit on these is very comfortable and (my theme of the night) seems to run a bit large. These are the 7 I tried on, but 6.5 would have been perfect.

I didn't take a picture on my my foot, but I also liked Joan & David's Flipp pump. I love the bright blue one, obviously, but the chocolate color in the back eerily reminded me of the scrumptious CL shade "marron glace".

Joan and David Flipp Pump

I tried these on and also found them to be large. I took the 6.5. Comfort seemed nice (though not as nice as the Weitzmans).

All in all, a really nice selection. I stuck to the pumps, but everywhere in the shoe department had a few items here and there that were cute and nicely priced. Oh, and for the lower-heeled lovers, they had Danskos on sale, too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Call of Cthulu

Ebay has been pretty amazing lately in terms of deals, but not all of them have been winners. I'm selling some shoes (gasp!) soon, and I will post a link when I unlazy enough to upload them.

Oh hey, speaking of losers, let's talk about these "Tassel Clogs" from Camilla Skovgaard. Every time I see an ugly shoe, I automatically think "that's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen"** only to be shocked by something even more appalling. Yeah.

If these weren't backless, I would assume these were supposed to be hoof-like. Or perhaps along the line of Mukluks (which I don't like either). The "party in the front, business in the back" makes me think these are a cheeky take on mullets, in reverse.

Camilla Skovgaard Tassel Clog in Greige

Happen to be a size 40 and disagree with my take on these? Well, you're in luck. They're on sale at ForwardForward.

**I am no stranger to hyperbole. While it's arguable whether or not apparel can be "disgusting", free speech is rampant in these parts.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not quite

With "second cut" in full force at most department stores, the shoes are quite steeply discounted... but also just as picked over. In my recent outing, I tried on a few pair of shoes that were cute, but not cute enough.

First up, Ann Demeulemeester "Open-front Buckled Sandal boots" (this is what Saks calls them, anyhow). I've never tried anything from this brand. Generally, I find the look a little too utilitarian for my aesthetic (which could maybe be described as "whimsically tacky" or perhaps "sweetly gaudy").

Off the foot, I really liked the look of these shoes. I don't have anything like them, and they definitely have that "I will cut you" look to them that I tend to enjoy. I like how they look on the side angle, but looking at them head on... well, I thought they rather looked like those boots you wear when you break your foot (not that I ever have, I'm very precarious in heels).

Ann Demeulemeester Wedge Boot S/S 2010

They seem very comfortable, and the fit is true-to-size (these are a 37), but in the end they just weren't "me". (Saks has several sizes available on the site, at 60% off, though)

Next, we have Prada bow pumps. These are classic and practical. You can see how that would influence my not-buying-them. They are lovely in person, and Saks had them marked quite low, but somehow I feel like if I am shelling out money, the shoes better be as ostentatious (read: gaudy) as the price.

Prada bow Mid-heel pump, S/S 2010

Fit is slightly large. These are a 36.5, and they are still a bit big on me, but Prada typically runs large for me anyhow. Comfort is extraordinary. (shoes in background are Devotte "Leeloo", a favorite summer staple my dear friend Cecilia tipped me off on)

Side note: pics are blurry as I only had my cell with me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shine on you crazy diamond

I've been trying to abstain, really. Unfortunately (for me), someone posted on one of my shoe boards about a pair she was returning that was (kind of) my size. I called post-haste to a handy sales associate in the shoe department and inquired about the insole measurement.

After being told the insole was "9.5" (which is typically what I need), I asked the sales associate to hold the pair so I could come try them on. She assured me they "probably" wouldn't be sold if I came in the next day to try them on. That wasn't good enough for me, so I hustled downtown in rush hour traffic (AND rain) to try them on.

The shoes in question are maybe too tight, I'm still deciding if I can stretch them sufficiently (the toe box is incredibly narrow) so instead I offer you these. Yeah there are no words, so I'll just let you look at the picture.

Jerome C. Rousseau Aizza in Green Glitter

Fit is big. These are a 37.5 and I can't tell if they are a half-size or full-size too big for me. I love these so much that if I cannot find a smaller size, I may just stuff them to bits. Either that, or I am seriously considering DIY-ing once I find the perfect shape and glitter to use. I need more green glitter in my life.