Friday, July 23, 2010

Ankle booties FTW

While I was chilling at Nordstrom checking out the Anniversary Sale, I happened upon these ankle booties (or mid-calf booties, really). I liked their sleekness and shape, I didn't like that they weren't included in the sale.

I didn't even know Vera Wang made shoes outside of the line she does for Kohl's! This was the only pair I spied at Nordstrom, but a cursory Googling assures me there is more. (not that I didn't presume that anyhow... but you know what they say about "assuming")

The leather is really soft on the main part of the shoe, and stretches at the shaft of the boot to keep a clean line on the leg. Generally I'm not a fan of stretch boots, but I'm really digging these.

Vera Wang Lavender Fiona Bootie

Fit is huge on these. I am wearing the 36 in the picture, and while I like to size up in boots to allow for socks/tights, 36.5 is still at least a half size smaller than I would wear in boots normally. They seemed relatively comfortable, and are helped by a generous platform.

Unfortunately, these don't seem to be available for purchase on the Nordstrom website That fact alone is making me weepy wondering if these will make it to the sales rack, but then again I do have quirky tastes.