Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shine on you crazy diamond

I've been trying to abstain, really. Unfortunately (for me), someone posted on one of my shoe boards about a pair she was returning that was (kind of) my size. I called post-haste to a handy sales associate in the shoe department and inquired about the insole measurement.

After being told the insole was "9.5" (which is typically what I need), I asked the sales associate to hold the pair so I could come try them on. She assured me they "probably" wouldn't be sold if I came in the next day to try them on. That wasn't good enough for me, so I hustled downtown in rush hour traffic (AND rain) to try them on.

The shoes in question are maybe too tight, I'm still deciding if I can stretch them sufficiently (the toe box is incredibly narrow) so instead I offer you these. Yeah there are no words, so I'll just let you look at the picture.

Jerome C. Rousseau Aizza in Green Glitter

Fit is big. These are a 37.5 and I can't tell if they are a half-size or full-size too big for me. I love these so much that if I cannot find a smaller size, I may just stuff them to bits. Either that, or I am seriously considering DIY-ing once I find the perfect shape and glitter to use. I need more green glitter in my life.


  1. YES, you bought these! You have no idea how much I've been lusting over them, and it's so exciting to be able to see someone wear them in real life :) You look completely awesome in them...please find a way to stuff the toes, these are too pretty to give up. Oh, and now I'm dying to know what this mystery pair of shoes is that you talked about first!

  2. @goldenmeans - the mystery pair is actually way less exciting than these! just plain navy blue patent pumps with a small platform. i did try on some other more exciting pairs. i'll post a review.

  3. I just cried a little inside.
    Those make my heart go pitter-pat.


    Kick ass shoes!