Monday, July 12, 2010

Not quite

With "second cut" in full force at most department stores, the shoes are quite steeply discounted... but also just as picked over. In my recent outing, I tried on a few pair of shoes that were cute, but not cute enough.

First up, Ann Demeulemeester "Open-front Buckled Sandal boots" (this is what Saks calls them, anyhow). I've never tried anything from this brand. Generally, I find the look a little too utilitarian for my aesthetic (which could maybe be described as "whimsically tacky" or perhaps "sweetly gaudy").

Off the foot, I really liked the look of these shoes. I don't have anything like them, and they definitely have that "I will cut you" look to them that I tend to enjoy. I like how they look on the side angle, but looking at them head on... well, I thought they rather looked like those boots you wear when you break your foot (not that I ever have, I'm very precarious in heels).

Ann Demeulemeester Wedge Boot S/S 2010

They seem very comfortable, and the fit is true-to-size (these are a 37), but in the end they just weren't "me". (Saks has several sizes available on the site, at 60% off, though)

Next, we have Prada bow pumps. These are classic and practical. You can see how that would influence my not-buying-them. They are lovely in person, and Saks had them marked quite low, but somehow I feel like if I am shelling out money, the shoes better be as ostentatious (read: gaudy) as the price.

Prada bow Mid-heel pump, S/S 2010

Fit is slightly large. These are a 36.5, and they are still a bit big on me, but Prada typically runs large for me anyhow. Comfort is extraordinary. (shoes in background are Devotte "Leeloo", a favorite summer staple my dear friend Cecilia tipped me off on)

Side note: pics are blurry as I only had my cell with me.


  1. Thanks for these reviews!

    I think your taste is ostentatious and unique in a glamorous way but never ever gaudy.

  2. LOL @ your description of your style as gaudy. I think you mean "fantabulous" :) I agree that neither of these shoes is quite special enough to shell out the money for atm -- all of the other shoes I have seen you wear have a greater "wow" factor to them!

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