Friday, July 23, 2010

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I was "in the hood" and decided to stop by the local mall. I didn't even realize the Anniversary Sale (AS) was going on. (I rarely shop brick-and-mortar)

The AS is usually pretty cool. They put brand spanking new fall items out at a steep discount (I believe 40%) for two-ish weeks and then as soon as the sale is over, the stock goes back to full-price. I think it's kind of a jump-start for fall, and gives them a boost of sales before any sale season actually starts.

I walked around the shoe department and was pleasantly surprised by the styles on sale. Lots of nice pumps, boots and all kinds of cool shoes. I'm pretty predictable, and being so, I tried on the pumps mostly. Here's what I loved.

Stuart Weitzman's Stiltspump, a gorgeous exposed platform pump, was my favorite of the night. It was classy and sexy, with unbelievable comfort. I'm usually not a fan of a stacked wood heel (painted black or not), but I actually may cave on these because they are something I've been looking for for awhile -- black nappa, decent heel, comfortable, round-toe.

Stuart Weitzman Stiltspump in Black Nappa, Fall 2010

Fit on these is large. I don't own any Stuart Weitzman shoes, but when I've tried them on I've usually found them narrow and small. These are a roomy 6.5, and I possibly could have worn a 6 if need be.

Steve Madden Linderr boot surprised me with how nice they seemed. They were on a table with Frye boots (which were also on sale), and I automatically assumed they were Fryes as well. I sold my Veronicas (I know, but after they stabbed my toes on my New York trip, I gave them the heave ho. They went to BCO's emmmmma) and wanted to find a comparable pair of flat black boots. I liked these a lot, and the comfort seemed decent, but I'm not sure about the ruching around the toe.

Steve Madden Linderr Boot in Black Leather, Fall 2010

Fit is true-to-size on these. I am wearing a 6.5 in the picture, but with socks a 7 would be best.

I had to try on Calvin Klein Scarlet for Sarah, of the Worn In Love blog. The color and shape was very similar to the shoes I was wearing that she has been lusting after (Loeffler Randall Neve, hard to find outside of eBay). The suede is a rich jewel-blue tone and they are gorgeous in person. I'm kind of wondering how hard it would be to find a leather-worker to make a perforated suede "bib" for these shoes to get the same look?

Calvin Klein Scarlet Platform Pump in Royal Blue Suede

Fit on these is very comfortable and (my theme of the night) seems to run a bit large. These are the 7 I tried on, but 6.5 would have been perfect.

I didn't take a picture on my my foot, but I also liked Joan & David's Flipp pump. I love the bright blue one, obviously, but the chocolate color in the back eerily reminded me of the scrumptious CL shade "marron glace".

Joan and David Flipp Pump

I tried these on and also found them to be large. I took the 6.5. Comfort seemed nice (though not as nice as the Weitzmans).

All in all, a really nice selection. I stuck to the pumps, but everywhere in the shoe department had a few items here and there that were cute and nicely priced. Oh, and for the lower-heeled lovers, they had Danskos on sale, too.


  1. Sigh, your posts never fail to incite shoe lust. All of those Nordie's picks are really really pretty. I almost bought the Scarlets myself before I remembered I already have another pair of cobalt blue shoes. And speaking of blue shoes, your Loeffler Randalls are totally tdf! :)

  2. consumerism is everywhere! i know i've been suckered into summer sales. it's that devil on my shoulder going "buy! buy! buy!"

    the scarlets are very pretty. i think i've gotten my fill of suede shoes, but i do like them a lot in both blue and the magenta suede.

    (and thank you!)