Monday, July 26, 2010


I realized something after seeing the phrase "winsome blogger outfit" on a message board recently that this blog is woefully lacking in "winsome blogger pictures". I had some time on my hands this morning and decided to change that!

Frequently with shoes that I somewhat consider grail-esque, I see them, think "oh they are great, but you know I don't really need them..." until I realize, oh yeah, I do need them! I had pretty much given up on this pair, though, because while they did make a lot of sales, I didn't see them (in my size, anyhow) in a lot of second cut sales.

A lovely lady posted about these popping back up on the Barneys sale, and I snapped them up quickly, thinking it was "guilt-free shopping" since their stock is never updated and I've frequently had orders canceled from them.

Well! They shipped and showed up and I couldn't be happier.

Climbing up steps

Going down the slide

Chilling on the swingset

Obligatory shot actually on the feet
Christian Louboutin Clic Clac Bootie in Suede with Embroidered Mesh inset, shown with Leg Avenue seemed stockings

Fit on these is slightly small. I got these in a 37, and would say the 37.5 would be slightly better. These are based on the Declic shape (which I LOVE), so the toe-box is nice and roomy, and since they are suede they will stretch quite nicely to make them fit better. Most people that reviewed these, however, suggested a half to full size up from US size. It's possible my feet are shrinking.

The stockings are the "Two-Tone Red Cuban-Heeled" stockings from sockdreams. They are just "okay" in my opinion. I agree with the review on the website that they are best with a garter, because they definitely do not stay up on their own. I do like the red cuban heel instead of the typical black, and think they look great setting off the red of the sole.


  1. Those looked cute on the play set but they look really nice actually on!

  2. LOL these pictures are amazing! I love that you took your amazing beautiful shoes to play on a playground ;) And they look incredible on you! Yay for finding them at the second cut sale price!

  3. thanks jesse! i thought they look good on too. i was sold on them seeing them on mischa barton.

    goldenmeans - :) thanks! it was fun taking them outside. scary putting them near the bark on the playground though!

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