Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I want now: OTT (over-the-top)

As a lover of ostentatious and eccentric, of course I was drawn to these shoes the moment they popped up on my Polyvore search of Fur shoes (don't tell PETA). I love the idea of a splash of fur or feathers on a pair of shoes, kind of a boudoir effect for day or night outside of the actual bedroom.

These shoes make me want to bleach my hair, don a white goddess dress, and do my best at outshining the White Witch. They're that amazing.

I remember seeing the first collection of Altuzarra when it came out (online, like the rest of the plebes) and being floored at what I was seeing. It shouldn't surprise me that the collection would even further astound me with the shoes by Gianvito Rossi. I'm not very familiar with either, but I look forward to even more great things to come.

Gianvito Rossi for Altuzarra Sparkle Fur Strap Pump

They are currently available for pre-order at Barneys.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sock Dreams

I'm sure I'm not the only one abhorring the heat wave going on in the northeast right now. With temperatures that have been touching 100 degrees, I've been trying to keep cool with the bare minimum. Now I can add socks to that.

I had a party to go to at a friend's house in the south hills, so I decided to hit up a Gabriel Brothers I'm seldom able to get to. I was beginning to think my trip was a bust until I saw a plethora of cute socks just waiting there for me, all cute and cheap from Betsey Johnson. I can't wait to wear them, now I'm just trying to figure out office-appropriate looks for these gems. Perhaps that may be another post... just how I am able to work these into my wardrobe.

The star socks seem to be the easiest to break out, but for now I may be relegating these to only peeking out of pants.

I am picturing these "Peekabo" socks with a modest heel or flats and a black babydoll dress. Might as well relive my youth. DSW has them here.
Betsey Johnson Peekaboo sock

I could see these Twinkle socks with a chunkier sandal for night and a vintage dress. Karmaloop has them for sale here, and Sockdreams has them here.

Betsey Johnson The Teensy Twinkle Sock

I think I might have to check the sock section more often at Gabes if this is what kind of treasures are to be found! If you have outfit suggestions, let me know how you picture these paired.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thrift-store Louboutins?

Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes, either. There I was waiting in line at a local thrift and I saw a pair of "Christian Louboutin" heels behind a glass case. I asked the lady behind the counter if she could show them to me. They looked fake from first glance, but I'm not an expert and I wanted a closer look.

She asked me how much I thought they were, I said "I don't know? $150? They look fake." When she told me they were marked "$450" I commented you could get an authentic pair brand new for not much more, but it's neither here nor there anyhow.

So apparently, as the story goes, whomever donated these tried to sell them on eBay for $1,000 and was unable to get any bids (probably because her listing was taken down for being counterfeit shoes), so the person in question donated them.

Out of curiosity, I took spy pics and had them authenticated on tPF. Fake, of course. I can always count on those ladies.

Post Script: Idgaf if you buy/wear fakes, honestly. What I feel bad for is people getting duped into buying crap quality items for not-so-cheap prices.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Yep, that time of year again. I hadn't had a chance to stop by the infamous Anniversary Sale until this weekend, but lots of great shoes up for grabs. Of course, instead of the sale shoes, I was instantly drawn to the ones that *weren't* on sale, but that's okay.

Of the two sale shoes I liked best online, I was disappointed by the "Peyton" shoe from Sam Edelman. I've really been wanting a wool heel to wear with dresses this fall/winter to replace a pair I have that's too big, but I found these just a little bit too pointy. The material and execution of these shoes were great otherwise if you are into a pointy toe.

Sam Edelman Peyton in Grey Wool

Fit on these is true-to-size (I am wearing the 7.5 in the picture and they are a bit big), and the comfort seemed very decent for the height. They are available in Grey as pictured and black patent here.

Next up is Enzo Angiolini "Mistle". The colorways available for this shoe are what really makes it, beyond the lovely corset/bow detailing in the back. I loved the purple best, but tried on the black because it was on display in my size. The taupe patent is really stunning as well.

Enzo Angiolini Mistle in Black Patent

Fit on these is true-to-size, though a bit narrow in the toe box, in my opinion. These are the 6.5 and the length was great. I think they would maybe need broken in a bit for comfort. Other colorways besides those mentioned are grey wool and leopard pony hair. They are available here.

I didn't see them in-store, but I'm also loving Cole Haan's "Air Violet" boot with lace-up detailing and a suede inset. I tried on the pump version, but they just didn't have the same cachet as the boot. I'm not sure how much wear I'd get out of suede in these winters, but they sure look gorgeous.

I didn't get to try them on since they weren't in-store, but most Cole Haan shoes run slightly small for me. I would order these in a 7.5 were I inclined to get them. The boots are available in limited sizes here.

More to come on the non-sale shoes later.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I had a fabulous day yesterday and treated myself to a (practically FREE, thanks to groupon!) showing of Harry Potter in 3D. It was wonderful of course. While I was out and about I tried on some shoes at DSW.

My favorite try-ons were these Zora sandals from Tracy Reese.

I didn't see a smaller size, but these 38s weren't super huge on me. I think a 37 or 37.5 would have worked well. They seemed pretty comfy for the height, but I'm holding out for a tassled style by Louboutin called "Miss Golf". Amazon has these shoes pretty cheap, though!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Le Sigh... not mine

So I've been on a tiny hiatus because I started a new job. It hasn't taken up much more of my time, but it just seems like I've got so many other things going on this summer that I haven't had as much time to shop or blog. I'm hoping to change that, starting now.

This weekend I stopped by an outlet mall and chanced upon these wonderful shoes that were much talked about amongst friends. I texted one of said friends, but alas they weren't her size. They were mine though! In the end, I put them on hold for a day and thought about it, and just couldn't rationalize the cost per wear... I mean I just don't know that these are actually "me" or go with anything I own.

I may regret it, but there will be other shoes.

PS: as for the selection in general? Trust me when I say these were the only shoes worth writing home about.

Maison Martin Margiela Wedges

Fit on these is small but loose? These are a 37.5 and the insole length was just fitting, but since these are pull-on shoes (and I have small ankles), my foot kept flopping in them when I walked. The way the foot goes in also makes them slightly uncomfortable, like it arches my feet in an awkward direction. Don't get me wrong, though, if I happen upon them at a cheaper price, I'll still bite!