Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sock Dreams

I'm sure I'm not the only one abhorring the heat wave going on in the northeast right now. With temperatures that have been touching 100 degrees, I've been trying to keep cool with the bare minimum. Now I can add socks to that.

I had a party to go to at a friend's house in the south hills, so I decided to hit up a Gabriel Brothers I'm seldom able to get to. I was beginning to think my trip was a bust until I saw a plethora of cute socks just waiting there for me, all cute and cheap from Betsey Johnson. I can't wait to wear them, now I'm just trying to figure out office-appropriate looks for these gems. Perhaps that may be another post... just how I am able to work these into my wardrobe.

The star socks seem to be the easiest to break out, but for now I may be relegating these to only peeking out of pants.

I am picturing these "Peekabo" socks with a modest heel or flats and a black babydoll dress. Might as well relive my youth. DSW has them here.
Betsey Johnson Peekaboo sock

I could see these Twinkle socks with a chunkier sandal for night and a vintage dress. Karmaloop has them for sale here, and Sockdreams has them here.

Betsey Johnson The Teensy Twinkle Sock

I think I might have to check the sock section more often at Gabes if this is what kind of treasures are to be found! If you have outfit suggestions, let me know how you picture these paired.

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  1. I love socks and I really like the ones with the perforated hearts. So dreamy and dark.