Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thrift-store Louboutins?

Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes, either. There I was waiting in line at a local thrift and I saw a pair of "Christian Louboutin" heels behind a glass case. I asked the lady behind the counter if she could show them to me. They looked fake from first glance, but I'm not an expert and I wanted a closer look.

She asked me how much I thought they were, I said "I don't know? $150? They look fake." When she told me they were marked "$450" I commented you could get an authentic pair brand new for not much more, but it's neither here nor there anyhow.

So apparently, as the story goes, whomever donated these tried to sell them on eBay for $1,000 and was unable to get any bids (probably because her listing was taken down for being counterfeit shoes), so the person in question donated them.

Out of curiosity, I took spy pics and had them authenticated on tPF. Fake, of course. I can always count on those ladies.

Post Script: Idgaf if you buy/wear fakes, honestly. What I feel bad for is people getting duped into buying crap quality items for not-so-cheap prices.


  1. Real or fake, that thrift store had some nerve trying to sell them for $450. As you correctly stated, you can get a fresh, new pair of your own for just $100 more. Tsk, tsk!

    However, I'm sure if I initially saw those in a thrift store window (before authenticating) my heart would have skipped a beat! LOL!!! I wouldnt want to pay more than $100-150 for them though... i mean, its a thrift store, for goodness sake. It's the principle!

  2. Oh totally, I was kind of psyched initially, but at that price? pfft indeed.