Thursday, June 24, 2010

Foot Petals

I think I've said on here that I have pretty narrow feet and heels. My toe box isn't narrow enough to require buying narrow shoes specifically, but I always have trouble with my heels. I decided finally, if I'm going to bother to spend the money on nice shoes, I should actually go to the trouble to make sure they fit perfectly.

I've heard a lot about foot petals, but they seemed kind of expensive, and I was dubious they were better than anything I could (lazily) pick up at Target. I was alerted to a sale on the company's website, and the discount was enough to push me into ordering (about 50%, plus a 20% coupon found on retailmenot).

I decided to go with Strappy Strips and Tip Toes. I had really high hopes for Strappy Strips. They are small, and undetectable in shoes -- perfect size and shape for slingbacks. I actually don't have many pairs of slingback shoes, due to the narrow heel problem, but I had also hear (via The Purse Forum) that they help in pumps just as well.

I tried them out in these shoes I bought off eBay. These kitschy shoes were an incredible steal ($20!), from a first-time seller. They were definitely 'well-worn' but not enough to dissuade me from spraying a little lysol and enjoying the life left in them.

You can kind of see from the picture that they are not flat, but rounded. It helps it adhere to the heel better to stay on your foot. While I wasn't amazingly impressed with these -- I wore these shoes out to a museum today and the strap did stay on the back. They slid down slightly through all my walking, but never did they fall down completely. Definitely an improvement from previously trying to keep these shoes on with moleskin.

Prada Calf Sea Cuoio Verde

Next, were the Tip Toes. I put these in a pair of sandals that every summer I look at and think "those make me want to stab my feet, I should sell them". It hasn't happened, obviously, but I figured as a last ditch effort, I would put ball of foot pads in to try and salvage them. I didn't walk a ton since putting these in (less than a half mile, to be sure), but they feel 1000% better. Before I was barely able to stand in them without hating life. The Tip Toes are nearly invisible (since these are sandals, with my placement of them you can kind of see), but the patterns available are cute enough I don't see it as a big deal if they are seen.

I did try these inside heels as well, to see if they really prevented my foot being "pushed forward" as advertised, and I didn't really see the benefit other than making shoes that are too big fit more snugly. I will have to report back how they work with stockings.

All in all, I'd buy again but only on sale.

Dolce Vita "Woody-4" in Chocolate

Fit on the Pradas is slightly large, as I find with most Prada shoes. These are a 36.5, and I could have worn a 36 to avoid the heel issues altogether (with mild to overhang, which doesn't bother me).

Fit on the Dolce Vitas is true-to-size. I am typically a 6.5 in open-toe, and these are a 7. The adjustable straps make them perfect, though.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The perfect red

I apparently have a lot of preconceived notions about designers. Just like my hesitance on anything Zanotti, I tend to think of Ferragamo as "stodgy" (outside of the Varina flats -- which are timeless classics).

Seriously - I see tons of Ferragamo at the thrifts, and they always feel so old lady to me. Square-toe, sensible heel, nice traction. Ugh. I know, some day when I'm bunioned to the hilt and chilling in Earth shoes while I chastise my daughter for wearing heels I'll regret those thoughts... but I'm living in the now.

I picked up these lovelies on super clearance at the local Saks years ago, when they had this "Champagne and Shoes" event (really! that's what it was called). I may have had two glasses of champagne, but this purchase was a sober one (maybe). I clicked my heels and then brought these ruby slippers right on home.

Salvatore Ferragamo Cera Lacca in Red Patent, Jonathan Aston Net socks with Ruffle

Fit on these is true-to-size, which I tend to be in most Ferragamos (7B), though I have narrow feet. The comfort is amazing and they are definitely a go-to pair of heels (only about 3.5" tall) when I know I'll be walking a bit.

The socks were just something silly I added to my cart when I was buying stockings a bit ago. I couldn't resist.

Post Script: This shoe fetishist uses a cheap $100 digicam to take pictures with (and sometimes a tripod), but is debating getting a nicer camera for her birthday instead of shoes. I am thinking a refurbed Nikon, but welcome other suggestions.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tie me up, Tie me down

Shoe envy. I get it all the time -- not realizing how bad I "need" a pair of shoes until I see them on someone else. That's what happened with my latest additions. I knew of their existence, but I never really gave them much thought -- until I saw someone post an in-real-life picture of how completely stunning they were.

I had to have them. (well, I didn't, but I wanted them superbad)

Surprisingly, unlike other holy grails, a few popped up on eBay at the same time after a bit of dedicated internet sleuthing. They are perfect and lovely and I don't think I've owned a sexier shoe. (I say that about a lot of my shoes, though)

I said goodbye to another holy grail in place of these (the Mad Marys -- go ahead and shed a tear, but I couldn't really walk in them anyhow), but I think these'll do quite nicely.

Tom Ford for Gucci Satin, Metal and Crystal Corset Pumps, 2004

Fit on these is really small. I'm not usually a Gucci fan, but when I've tried on shoes by the brand, I've typically been a 6.5. These are a 7.5 and I honestly could have even worn an 8. The length is too long, but the opening for the bottom of the shoe is so narrow it would be difficult to size down.