Thursday, September 2, 2010

Variation on a theme

Once upon a time, Prada did a beautiful shoe collection with sculptural flower heels. I fell in love with the collection, and sought out the shoes. And then I found a dress to match perfectly. You may have read about such wondrous finds when I blogged about it here.

Well, I complained the dress was a bit too snug (it is, even with a corset), and I just happened to be glancing at the Outnet's 80% off flash pop-up sale, when what should appear, in my size but this dress?! It's in another color, and I'm not sure if I will dye it black or not (because in effort of balance and budgets I will sell the smaller one), but I am over the moon at this dress that fits me much more modestly. (and definitely happy I'm not going to rip a seam wearing it)

But wait! What else did I happen to come across but the very Prada shoes I wanted, in a color I didn't know existed. I feel greedy and gluttonous having two pairs of the same hard to find shoes, but I guess selfishness is just a quality I've come to accept in myself. I haven't decided 100% on keeping them, as they are a size bigger than I wear, but I will try padding them and seeing how it goes.

Fit is the same as mentioned in the previous post, but to reiterate - the dress in white is actually two sizes bigger than the black one, and the size in between the two would have been better, but I think this looks better just slightly big than sausaged on me like the other. The shoes are a whole size bigger than the pair in black, but I am hopeful I can pad them to perfection.


  1. Stunning, and stunning. Those are both incredible. Yay for 80% finds. !

  2. Loving both the dark vampy and light ethereal versions of this stylish theme!

  3. aww thanks both of you! i think i prefer it in black, but i love both colors so i may wear it a bit in white and then dye it.