Monday, September 27, 2010

No matter what the weather

Times must be pretty bad when someone resorts to stealing coupons, right? If you're curious, I'll tell you more, but for now I will say that I can't imagine the gall of people sometimes.

Onto happier thoughts, an order from mytights finally arrived just in time for colder weather. All last winter I had debated ordering the fleece-lined thigh highs from the brand Plush (available at Shopbop), but I was worried they wouldn't stay up well so I never did.

This time around, I found a pair from Trasparenze. They are wool, not fleece, but seem to be very warm and cozy (if a bit itchy) so far. The band at the top stays up very nicely and does not dig in on my legs at all. I love the idea of these, because yes I want warmth, but don't love wearing full-fashioned nylons as much, so these are a perfect compromise.

They look great in person and are semi-sheer. They don't have a "nubby wool" look to them, so if you are hoping for something more substantial, these aren't for you. I find the quality of these to be really nice, especially for the price (which I think is reasonable for well-made stockings).

Trasparenze Jennifer Wool Hold ups, shown with Forever 21 Studded pumps

Fit on the hold ups seems slightly small. I anticipated these running a bit smaller as they are wool, and ordered the size 3/4 even though I fall in the 1/2 range. I probably could have gotten away with the smaller size, but these stay up well and I'd rather have the knowledge that if they shrink a little when I (hand) wash them it'll be okay. They come in charcoal as well and are available at Mytights.


  1. Ah, I have been debating buying the Jennifer hold ups for MONTHS now. I am enamored with the idea of soft, cozy merino wool or cashmere stockings but they are surprisingly hard to find. Cashmere was straight up impossible to locate, but the Jennifers and these Max Mara Lagos at least met my merino need. I ordered the MM's, but have been wondering if I should have gotten the Trasparenze ones too. Thank you for the review of them :)

    And ooh, we are clearly the exact same person because I was eyeing those Plush thigh highs too last winter. I ordered the tights and they ran so freakin' small on me though that I didn't really have any hopes that the hold ups would go up my legs!

  2. That is a cool idea. I am hoping to get more into thigh-highs this year.

    Okay, I am curious about who steals coupons! Really!

  3. Not sure if these are your thing but I am loving this website so thought I'd share the link anyway

  4. @goldenmeans - that sucks the plush tights ran small. i saw comments on revolve about the thigh highs barely going above knee, so that was another reason i opted for these. trasparenze stockings are SO well-made. i ordered two other items from this brand in this batch which i will post about later. and clearly we are the same person because i love your style!

    @jesse - i loooove thigh highs. sometimes (TMI alert!) the crotch area of wool tights gets too warm even in cold weather so thigh highs are better for me. i still have some wool tights i will wear, but i hope to alternate. also this gives me more leeway in sizing for that dreaded stomach roll thing i sometimes find if/when my tights shrink! the coupon thing is this lady who runs a messageboard i used to frequent used my email to get a $50 off code from neiman marcus. i only found out when i got an order confirmation sent to my email address. i'm pissed because neiman's tells me i can't use the coupon now and i would have loved $50 off ANYTHING!

    @gabfran - those look nice! my experience with cotton stockings hasn't been great so far though :/ the ones i got were "one size" but apparently not one size enough because they are way too tight.