Friday, October 1, 2010

Something's fishy

Lately I've totally been into mesh, netting, sheer... shoes. I've already got the market cornered on the stockings front in those genres, but the idea of having a peekaboo shoe is pretty sexy to me.

This isn't a new idea, to be sure. I have some vintage pumps that allude to this version of sexy, and that's exactly what it is -- an allusion, a peek. Like a blouse with a sheer panel, understated and cool.

I troved the internet to see more of what I'm craving right now and found these shoes.

From ModCloth, "A Night's Tale Heel". They do that annoying Anthropologie thing where they don't tell you who makes it so you can buy it somewhere else. I like the silver and black combined. The open toe and back makes them perfect to me for nights out.

Lori's Shoes (a really great shoe store and website, with good customer service in my experience) has the Jeffrey Campbell "Clara" bootie. I'm not always a fan of peep-toe booties, but I think these pull it off well.

On the more subdued side is Kate Spade's "Karlisle" pump. I think these work on all occasions, and definitely give the bang for your buck. Not too sexy to be worn at the office, but fancy enough for a dinner out.

Manolo Blahnik does a lovely mesh pump that was very near to what I was looking for, until I found it exactly.

And me? I've been wearing these non-stop since I tracked them down. I don't usually love pointy toe, but I find these subtle enough to placate me.

Christian Louboutin Haute et Nue Mesh Pigalle 100mm in Black Leather

Fit on these is slightly big. These are a 37.5, and I probably needed a 36.5. I have them padded with heel pads and two insoles to make them fit, and they are still a touch big. I had a hard enough time finding my size though, that I make it work. Because they have no structure, they are really comfortable.

If you wanna be my shoe twin, I find these pop up on eBay from time to time. There is a petrol pair currently up now from Jordan Price (!!!). Note they are 120mm which runs a half to full size large.


  1. At last you are blogging about the fishnet CLs!

    The allure of the transparent vamp cannot be underestimated. Incidentally, a friend of mine bought a pair of flat (ish) mules from Allan Pinkus in Sydney which consisted of fishnet with a fish shaped heel. I must try to see if she has a picture of them. Not sexy, but a great visual joke.

  2. I am super jealous of your shoe collection. Like I want to raid your closet!