Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The color purple

I'm wearing purple today, are you?

It seemed fitting as I got these shoes recently, to post them today. I am in no way trying to show my vapid consumerism as a sign of solidarity, but the color is in theme -- in spirit. (Incidentally, it is cold as hell outside and I am not wearing these shoes, but instead purple thermal leggings and a black dress)

When Terry de Havilland 'came back' with a line of chic platforms, I noticed them on Shopbop. Amazing, beautiful. Kind of terrifying, actually. I remember still toddling around in kitten heels at the time and pretty much frightened by the toweringness of these shoes.

Years later, I decided I needed them in my life. Per usual, I decided to stalk eBay until a pair came up to my liking and size(ish). This brings us to the beautiful Margot style in purple suede and python. They're crazy, and still kind of intimidating to wear, but I can't wait til spring to break these beauties out. (After I get the strap shortened by my cobbler -- they're a bit big on my ankles) The color is closer to that of the second picture.
The suede is really interesting on these. From some angles, it almost looks like satin, but it's a really cool metallic suede that is the softest ever. These are not for wallflowers, and I welcome that.

Terry de Havilland Margot Wedges, circa 2004?

Fit on these is slightly small. These are a 38, and I think a 37.5 would have been perfect (and I could have worked a 37 with mild toe overhang). Comfort seems great thanks to the massive platform.


  1. Normally I am not a fan of wedges but these are extremely sexy. The curved rump with (suede) curliques is elegant and feminine. Please post some pictures in spring when you have matched them up with some elegant frocks.

    And yes, in your honour, today I shall wear a pair of purple suede Dune stilettos that I bought from eBay and have been saving up an occasion for.

  2. Erin, you are my shoe hero. How do you manage to always acquire the most amazing pieces? The color and shape ofthese is mesmerizing :)

  3. I rocked the purple today... but with my blouse.
    Poor me, I'm purple-shoe-less :(


  4. @gab - i have to admit i love wedges. super comfy. i'm glad you own purple shoes, though :)
    @goldenmeans - lol thanks. i make a point to unearth the unusual to be sure.
    @chuck - well purple shoes aren't for everyone, so no need to frown at not owning them. yay for the blouse!

  5. OOOOMG - I LOVE purple shoes!!! I only have one pair because I don't find many opportunities to wear them, but yours are GORGEOUS.