Friday, October 22, 2010

More tights! More tights!

I made an amazing discovery the other day - Trasparenze stockings at TJ Maxx. I couldn't believe my eyes because I can't even seem to find this brand in the US (at least around here) at regular price and to see them steeply discounted makes me beyond giddy. Now I'm on the hunt to seek out more.

Check your local TJX and Marshall's, folks! As a side note, it was also posted on tPF that CLs were found at TJX, so an even better reason to run there.

Trasparenze "Erline" tights, shown with Nine West T-strap heels

Fit on these tights is small. I usually lean towards a 3 in Trasparenze, and these are a 4 that are quite snug on me. Unfortunately, I don't think they make larger than a 4 so I'm SOL (and my chances of finding them at discount if they DID make that size is questionable).

PS: Don't forget Saks friends & family is still going on. Perfect chance for you (and me) to pick up those Wolford Bondage tights.

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