Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love Angel Music Baby

There are a lot of celebrity designers out there, but very few that I think actually do anything creative -- at least more than just redesigning things already in their wardrobe. Or telling their minions to redesign them, anyhow. I find Gwen Stefani to be the exception to the rule.

I really like her designs, both shoe and clothing, but have never crossed that bridge to actually owning anything from the line. Maybe some day.

While at Nordstrom, I tried on the Glamette and Plum shoes from the fall line. Both looked super hot from my viewpoint of them not being on my feet.

I really loved the Plum. The style and design is very retro in my opinion, and they felt wonderful. The price was very decent for a bridge line, and even better if they hit the sales!

The Glamette... well yes these were hot as all get out on. I know everyone is sick of thigh high boots/over-the-knee boots but I still love them. Will still wear them. Even with my love of OTK, these were a little too over-the-top (even for me).

L.A.M.B. Glamette in Black Leather

L.A.M.B. Plum in Black Suede

Fit on the Glamette was true to size. I tried on the 36.5 and the fit was perfect. I would possibly have wanted a 37 to allow for socks. The comfort was nonexistent. Seriously, these may have been the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever had on my feet (and I owned Rolandos until recently, so that is saying something). There was no cushioning and I felt like there were knives jabbing me from the 2 feet I walked in these. I know "pain is beauty" but I don't roll like that.

Fit on the Plum seems slightly large to size. I tried on the 36, and while they were incredibly snug, I'm not sure I would have sized up due to suede's tendency to stretch a lot. They were very easy to walk in and the comfort was pretty great.

The Glamette is available at various places, including Shopbop. The Plum wedge is available in black at Nordstrom online, grey and black at Shopbop, and in a delicious wine color at Nordstrom retail locations.

Note: I wear the shoes pictured a LOT. They are pretty much my go-to black shoe. I wrote about them here.


  1. What a shame that the Glamette is such an uncomfortable style because it is seriously hot with the buckles and lace up styling. Beginning to despair of finding a pair of OTK boots I like and can wear close to the leg before Sydney summer strappy sandals time hits with a vengeance.

    I am not a huge fan of wedges but the Plum could be worn with anything.

    When are you coming to Australia? I want to take you for a girlie lunch and shoe sizing/stalking at Cosmopolitan Shoes!

  2. lol i will come to australia when i get over my fear of flying ;-)

    i don't love wedges with everything, but i generally find them pretty comfortable and like the look on them.

    total bummer about the boots but OUCH! i'm sure this is blasphemy, but i actually think pleaser boots are pretty comfy.

  3. Wow! I really wish I had stumbled upon your blog before I ordered the L.A.M.B. Plum online. I ordered a 7.5 which is my regular size, so I will most likely mail them back and go with a 7. They are beyond comfortable.