Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye summer, hello fall

Still on the hunt for perfect flat black boots, but I spied these at Saks and thought they were fantastic. Maybe when friends and family rolls around.

I love the zipper detailing -- which starts at the back of the boot, and the ability to wear these boots zipped up all the way or snapped down. I wish the toe box was a bit rounder, but they are still pretty perfect.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Ziparound Tall Boots in Black Leather

Fit on the boots is true to size, these are the 37. The comfort seems pretty decent, but the leather isn't as soft as I'd like. I guess that is par for the course in boots, to keep them sturdy enough to last.

I think it's fitting as I welcome colder weather, I say one last goodbye to warm summer sandals. These blingtastic sandals were and amazing eBay score. 95% off retail. Seriously. I feel very lucky to have found them, even though I'm sure they are incredibly over-the-top. They don't go with everything, but I wear them like that anyhow.

Christian Louboutin Adona Sandals in Silver/Gold Specchio

Fit on the sandals is true to size to slightly large. These are a 36, and I have very mild toe overhang.

Note: the sandals look fantastic because I took the picture with my film camera, not my cheap digi cam. I was finishing off a roll, I don't usually use film to document my shoes. Still looking for a nice digi cam.


  1. It is coming into spring here. Your boot shopping makes me long for Northern Winters. Yeah, I'm odd. Let's swap countries for six months (or at least in January - the humidity kills me).

    Those are seriously SERIOUSLY amazing sandals. It looks like you are half woman, half Terminator.

  2. @gabfran - i would love to be half woman/half terminator.

  3. Oh! I looooove the Adona sandals!! If I had a chance I would get those *and* the Dillian high heels as well!

  4. @hrisoula - i have the dillians too, but i haven't worn them yet. way less comfy! (but very pretty indeed!)