Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A day late and a dollar short

I had some time to kill yesterday, so I spent it checking out the shoe section at Marshall's. They had a really nice selection, and some fun styles to try on.

I remember when the Balenciaga moto boots came out, I thought they were pretty heinous. They've kind of grown on me, but not enough to shell out 5k (obviously). They didn't grow on me enough to spend $300 on the Sam Edelman knockoffs. I'm not sure if they've even grown enough on me to spend $129 at Marshall's for these spinoffs of the original knockoffs, but I have to say I rather liked them in person.

I was expecting them to be really heavy and hard to wear, but they are surprisingly light. The platform is really exaggerated, making them pretty comfy, too. Not sure I can pull these off, but they'd be fun for a night.

Sam Edelman Zoyla Studded Bootie in Black Leather

Fit is true to size, as I took a 7 in these. The pitch is not steep since the platform is nearly half the bootie, but while they were easy to walk in... I can't imagine walking miles in them. They are available at several retailers online, but for the price it's worth checking out your local discount shop.

I also loved this studded peep-toe clog from the same brand. SO cute and adorable on, but they were too difficult for me to walk in. I don't do well with clogs, or shoes that don't adhere to my ankles somewhat, so I was expecting that with these. I don't remember their price, but I believe it was similar to the Zoylas.

Sam Edelman Zachery

Fit on these was large, but narrow in the toe box. These were a size 6, but I would have needed to stretch out the toe box tremendously to make them work.

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