Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vacation (window-) shopping

I was out-of-town this weekend for a conference, and delightedly checked out the shopping in Washington, DC, my beloved stomping grounds from many years ago. I hadn't been there in nearly a year, you may recall the last time I was there for a Louboutin signing, but this time shoes were only a secondary part of my visit.

I only had a bit of time on Sunday to peruse, but I managed to make it to Tyson's Galleria so I could check out the fall wares from Neiman's and Saks. This way, I know my size when sales come as I am decidedly not a full-price shopper. I had wanted to check out the Georgetown shoe shopping as well, but it was so disgusting outside I couldn't deal, and alas I ended up leaving town early.

My favorite find of the trip is from a brand I typically loathe. I'm not sure there's anything that annoys me more than logos ruining the design of something, and Fendi seems to be a master culprit of this habit. First I'll see a beautiful shoe, sadly ruined by their ugly little Fs all "look at me, bitches!"

But, oh the ponyhair! So pretty!

They are available at the Neiman Marcus in Tyson's (703-761-1600) or online at Barneys. I highly recommend the lovely sales associate Tina, who is so wonderful and remembered me, nearly a full year later.

Fendi Ponyhair Bootie, Fall 2010

Fit on these seems true to size. I don't like bugging sales associates when I know I am not buying, so I didn't ask for a larger size than the 36 that was on display, but it seemed as though I would need a 37, but could make a 37.5 work since they are booties. I could not, however, size down.

Next up we have two somethings so fabulous (and completely out of my price range) I couldn't help but try it on. Fur and crystals and satin, oh my! At a mere 3k, surely these would tempt any shoeductress.

Rene Caovilla Jeweled Sandals, Fall 2010

I would say these run true-to-size to slightly small. Both of these were a 36.5 and fit, but just barely. Were I to cough up six thousand dollars (from where, I don't know) and get these, I would probably go with a 37 since there is an ankle strap.

Tomorrow I will weigh in on the not-so-over-the-top, extravagantly priced shoes.

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