Friday, February 19, 2010

Shoe miracle (?)

I have been crowing about the Rock & Republic Sabra booties for months now, and didn't think I'd be able to find them at all. They were sold out, but then secretly a pair in my size showed up on piperlime awhile back and Sarah even had a coupon code for me! I stayed up until midnight to wait to buy my shoes on sale and when I clicked at 12:04 AM, they were GONE.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, my fellow shopping enabler and dear friend Cecilia emailed me that Gilt had these booties, in my size, for way cheaper than I had seen them previously.

I quickly logged in and bought these booties and waited patiently for them to arrive. Being snowed in nearly completely last week had left me thinking I'd never see them, but there they were bright and sunny on Monday, delivered by my faithful UPS guy (back from back surgery).

So... that brings us to the booties themselves. Hmm. I like them, but upon first fitting I thought they looked a bit hoofish. Maybe it's the shape of the toe-box, or the suede, but I guess I haven't let it stop me before.

My only major qualm with these is the pain. Not in my foot, even, but my shins! The tops of the booties are quite stiff and dig into my shins like nobodies business. It's so depressing when something I've wanted so long falls short of the hype, but I still think I'm keeping them. I might try putting some moleskin where they dig into my shins and hope that solves the problem.

Rock & Republic Sabra bootie in black suede and patent leather

The fit on these is true-to-size, but I would say work better on a narrow calf. The heel is quite tall, but there is a hidden platform and exposed platform that make them pretty easy to walk in.


  1. Yay, I love a story of a shoe miracle!! :) Those booties look amazing on you in my opinion, really really hot. I hope moleskinning them up will solve the shin problem!

  2. I know that exact shin pain you speak of and it's HELLISH. UGH. You've wanted them for so long, though! SUCH A BARGAIN!!!!

  3. Those look great! I hope you are able to make them more comfortable.

  4. goldenmeans - thank you! i hope it solves the problem, too.

    sarah - i KNOW! it sucks so bad that they are really stiff. like payless stiff.

    cc- thx! i think moleskinning should work!

  5. Those boots are so hot! I've been trying to catch up on blog reading and I really love them. It is a bummer about the shin digging though.

  6. thanks jess! i need to catch up on blog reading, too AND update my blog. i haz new shoes.