Monday, February 1, 2010

Spectator sport

Many years of thrifting has blessed me with quite a vintage collection. I've said goodbye to a lot of those shoes (mostly lower heels), but the ones I kept are special. Not just because I know I won't see anyone else wearing them -- but because they have been years in the making of a well-curated collection. What? Shoes are art, they deserve curating.

Before eBay and resellers came along, my favorite thrift store was a treasure trove with vintage goodies. These delightful spectator shoes were one of my many finds after poring over shoe after shoe.

There's just something enticing about spectators. The pattern, I mean. I feel like a sexy villain, the kind that Dick Tracy falls in love with before ultimately being betrayed. The smooth lines and curves of these shoes elaborate that feeling. The era is difficult to guess, but I would say 80s, just by the look and feel of them, but to me they are timeless.

Vintage Oscar De La Renta Spectator heels

Fit on these is surprisingly true-to-size for vintage. They are a 7.5, and slightly too big for my standard US 7 feet. As with most vintage shoes, however, they run quite narrow.


  1. Ah, those are *amazing.* They have such a classic, sophisticated spectator look to them. I am so jealous I can never find vintage heels in my bigfoot size! Anyway, wear them in good health ;) (And I love how you paired them against black & white parquet!)

  2. thank you! well the black and white entryway is kind of the best place in my house to take pictures. i have pretty small feet (considering) so i'm fortunate to be able to find cool vintage shoes.