Friday, January 29, 2010

Betty or...

I always think of that scene in "Never Been Kissed" where they talk about Betty and Veronica.

Sam: I always liked Betty better.

Josie: Really?

Sam: Yeah. Betty was so spunky and fun. I mean,
Veronica had the great legs, but she was too
moody. Very high maintenance.

It's true. I like cornball movies. I want to be Betty but somehow I always go in for Veronica. That goes for shoes, too, apparently.

Motorcycle boots seem to have a certain cachet, and something about them that never goes out of style. Add to that the Frye factor, and you have an eternal classic. I rarely wear flat boots, but these have become a staple in cold weather. I don't mind letting these boots get rough or worn, even dirty, because it's part of their charm and actually makes them look even better like that.

I loved these so much I actually bought them in both brown and black. I've since sold the brown and just stayed with black, which suits both me and my wardrobe better.

Frye Veronica Slouch, 2006 (?)

Fit on these boots is true-to-size BUT has the added difficulty of being hard to pull on the foot. I sized up because the foot opening is incredibly narrow, but then my foot slides in the boots. It's a catch-22, not only could I not size down in these, but I cannot wear thick socks to make up for the size difference either -- the narrow opening doesn't allow for it. Due to the sizing issues I only find these moderately comfortable.

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