Monday, January 4, 2010

It's snowing, it's snowing! God, I hate this weather...

(Now I walk through blizzards just to get us back together). Who could resist a little bit of Cub's "New York City" when thinking of snow? Not me. I really do hate this weather though. I hate being bundled up, frostbitten fingers while I try to drive, slush. Really, though, I think I hate the most that I feel so unfashionable in the wintertime. I don't subject my shoe babies to the salt-littered streets, and you shouldn't either.

I've never tried on a pair of snow boots that didn't make me feel like a suburban soccer mom. Rainboots on the other hand -- hmm. Maybe it's the rubber or the wonderful patterns that are out there that make me smile every time I look down at my feet.

I love Pucci prints, but it took awhile for me to find this specific print. They had sold out cheaply in-stores, but like anything I was late to the train of realizing I needed them. Several months of eBay searching turned these up. They aren't warm at all, but armed with a pair of wool socks and hot cocoa in hand, they keep me toasty.

Pucci always does a different printed rainboot, but these still pop up on eBay occasionally.

Emilio Pucci Rainboots, Fall 2006 (?)

Fit on these, like any rainboot, is huge. These are a 37 and I really need a 36 (even with the overly puffy wool socks). The comfort is so-so, but relative to the material. They do make quite a splash in puddles.


  1. Pretty! The fit is huge, huh? I remember really wanting a pair of Pucci rainboots a while back, but they weren't made in sizes above 40 and since I'm an 41, I passed. But now, perhaps I could make them work...

  2. I love those. I wish I could find a pair that fit my calves.

  3. goldenmeans - you could probably make it work! it's worth trying anyhow.

    jess - :/ i hope you find a pair that works for you...