Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Strassed out

I went away for the weekend and didn't buy a thing outside of food. I know! Unbelievable, right? Here I had this awesome city at my finger tips with cool stores and yet nothing was calling to me. I didn't even feel like going in some of the stores. It's possible I'm under the weather.

Or could there be another option? Hmm. Well, my friends, let me tell you how strassed I've been. Strass, not stress. I declared myself "shoe-banned" (yeahrite) except for "holy grails". I had admired these shoes for quite some time, but I didn't feel right calling them my holy grails because I never thought they would show up anywhere remotely near my budget.

Alas, about 20 minutes after these beauties were posted on eBay, a lovely tPF'er posted them on the deals thread. They were an incredible deal, so operating under the principle of "buy now, think later" I did a buy-it-now, and a few days later they arrived in the tiniest box I ever thought one could possibly shove a pair of shoes in.

I feel so fortunate, and almost like a fraud for copping these beautiful shoes. They are nearly impossible to find, especially in velvet instead of satin, but I will just count my blessings and wear them as often as possible in homage.

(Okay so the Eugenies aren't really true strass, but they are as close as I'll ever get so that's what I'm calling em)

Christian Louboutin Eugenie in Magenta Velvet with Swarovski Crystals

Fit on these is true-to-size to slightly small. I knew these were going to be snug when I bought them (shut it, like you don't buy too-small-for-you things, too), but they aren't as small as some shoes from this brand. These are a 36.5 and a 37 would have been perfect, or possibly a 37.5 with padding. The heel height may seem daunting (140mm), but with a double platform, they are actually pretty comfortable.

UPDATE: I was able to find these in a 37.5, which fit much more comfortably for me than the 36.5. They only need padded slightly so I will again say "tts to slightly small".


  1. ohmygosh. beautiful. i think they qualify as a holy-grail-in-retrospect, easily :)

  2. ha! holy-grail-in-retrospect might be my new go-to phrase :P