Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dancing queen

In the chicken or the egg conundrum, I'm not sure which came first: gold lurex thigh highs, or gold shimmer dress. I bought one to go with the other, I do know that much. My hosiery obsession would like to run neck and neck with my shoe obsession, and while it just isn't so, these thigh highs bring it up a notch.

I don't think there's anything as deliciously tacky, in a glamorous kind of way, as lurex. I feel like a disco ball, glimmering everywhere I go. These Lurex Shimmery Thigh Highs (available at sockdreams) are neither inconspicuous or subdued, but instead dare to say "Yes, I really am wearing this!" They are available in five colorways, but gold seemed to have the most guts.

Leg Avenue Lurex thigh high in Gold/Black, H&M dress tank dress

Fit according to the brand is one size fits most, 90-160lbs. They actually do stay up surprisingly well -- a good thing considering they are too thick for most standard garters. I did have to fold them over so they didn't roll down, but after that there were no issues.