Saturday, December 19, 2009


Wasn't I just talking about shoes I can't walk in? Yes. That brings me to my Ultimate Holy Grail (UHG) of shoes, Mad Marys. I don't remember when I first realized I wanted and needed these shoes. I actually wanted them in black suede with silver studs, but when I found the cream via Craigslist of all places (via a posting on the Purse Forum), I decided to bite. At first I thought they were too expensive, so I sent the seller an email offering her a lower price. We dickered a little and I found I could live with the new price she offered, so I bought them.

Wow. I wasn't sure what to expect. It's always a gamble when you are buying used shoes sight unseen. I think it's similar to meeting people online. There's talk and there's pictures with lots of admiration going on. Any hesitation is met with smooth-talking and persuasion. Both parties are selling something. Was the picture taken years ago? Did they lose a little luster? Glamour shots aren't just for people, you know.

I opened the box in anticipation and had a big smile on my face. They were perfect. Worn, yes, but nothing a little lysol couldn't correct. Well I'm gross and couldn't wait for the lysol so I quickly shoved my slippers off and the shoes on. "Hello, beautiful," I thought as I glanced down at my feet. Then I took a step. Oh.

I've had them for six months and still haven't mastered walking in them. Instead I perch my hand on whomever is closest and hang on for dear life as I try to inch my way across the pavement.

Christian Louboutin Mad Mary in Ivory Patent with Gold Studs, Shown with Hue Circle Net Tights

I am going to be the dissenter from everyone else in the world on the fit of these shoes. I find them true-to-size. Most people sized up a half-to-full size, but these are a half-size up (37.5) and I have heel and toe pads to make them fit better. They are incredibly uncomfortable, and I can barely sit in them let alone walk in them, but I mean look at them! When shoes look this good, who cares if you have to add an extra half hour to your day to allow for walking 50 feet.

PS: Still looking for a 37 in the black suede.


  1. Oh, those are heartbreakingly beautiful! Who needs to be able to walk properly, when you can just stare at your feet and experience transcendence? :) I've actually never seen the white patent/gold colorway in these before -- gorgeous!

  2. there was also a nude colorway that is even more stunning! i had a chance at those too but clicked too slowly on "buy!" owell :/

  3. Those are amazing and I love the tights too!