Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sale season among us

We won't see crazy firehouse sales like we did last year at Saks, but the sale season is among us. It's so hard to remain good when everywhere you look it's like the devil is sitting on your shoulder going "buy, buy, BUY!" So far I've remained staunchly on the not buying it side of the fence, but every day, every slash of price gets a little bit more difficult.

When I went on my DC trip, I had a Sales Associate hold two pair of shoes for me to try on. I ended up getting the Numero Prive in gold glitter, but I actually loved these more -- I just couldn't walk in them.

Whether I can actually walk in them seems like such a tiny detail when comparing that thought to how gorgeous the shoes are. Shoes this beautiful should come with a rickshaw voucher so I don't actually have to worry about tumbling to my death on the streets.

These were the first shoes I tried on at Neimans, and I was worried about chastised for taking pictures, so I took a quick "spy picture". I look a bit like the Wicked Witch of the East from this angle. Too bad I didn't have striped stockings with me.

Christian Louboutin Lady Page in Oxblood Patent, F/W 09

on this pair of shoes is strange. The 37 was fine length-wise, but felt very short in the toe-box. I had heel slippage but could not have gone down to 36.5. There is a small hidden platform, but the pitch of the shoe is so steep that they feel like walking in 120mm without a platform. My advice? These are pretty and pretty perfect if you have a car-to-door kind of lifestyle. Otherwise you and me both need to work on that rickshaw front.


  1. You need to get them. And a chauffeur.

  2. Those Lady Pages are gorrrrgeous on you. Thank god they are already sold out in my size or I would be tempted to (further) blow my budget on them!

  3. cc, i pretty much do need them, don't i? i might get them if they make second cut.

    goldenmeans, keep stalking! i think people probably ordered these without trying them on and not only is the sizing funky, but they are just difficult to manuever whatsoever. they'll come back in stock!

  4. Those shoes are breathtaking. You must get them so I can live vicariously through you!

  5. overcaffeinated, if they go second cut at saks i will let you live vicariously through me!

  6. geez those are so beautiful. Perfect for fall and winter when one should have a car to door lifestyle anyway!