Friday, November 27, 2009

Light on your feet

What's that you say? Another eBay find? It's true, you'll rarely hear me talk about the great score of the century on hard-to-find shoes at a retail shop, but eBay is chock-full of finds like this. The other day I was lamenting on the woes of a speeding ticket and I wrote a haiku.

so many sale shoes
all vying for my closet
speeding ticket blues

So now you can see why the pricier gems haven't entered my closet lately. Thanks to a $600 speeding ticket (not obtained by moi, of course) some of the lovelies I've been eying have been put on hold. Don't worry, I rarely let things like that stop me completely, but it's definitely curtailed things.

Even worse than the speeding ticket, is "helpful" Sales Associates who have been emailing me to let me know what's available in my size. It's like they want me to slip up and just buy everything! (Okay, they do)

No matter, I was doing a cursory browsing through eBay (yeah, "just browsing"), and I saw these with less than an hour to go and the bidding unbelievably low. The shoes were a size smaller than I normally wear in open-toe, but with the open-toe AND open-back, I figured why not. I low-balled a snipe bid and voila, the shoes were mine.

I rarely buy satin, because I don't find it practical, but these are gorgeous special occasion shoes. The color manages to be understated, despite being red and the roses have a multi-color effect to them -- paler on some petals than others.

After trying them on with little black dresses and jeans alike, it's unsurprising that Msr. Louboutin had created another versatile pair of shoes that seem to go with everything.

Christian Louboutin Guitone in Red/Orange Satin, 2005

Fit on these is true-to-size, perhaps slightly large. These are a 36, and the 36.5 would have been perfect, but I don't find the heel overhang unbearable enough to complain.