Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Quest for Ankle Booties

For a few years now, I have been trying to find a really nice pair of ankle boots. It seemed a simple quest, but I couldn't quite find something the right heel height, shape or material. I thought I had found the perfect pair in Rock & Republic's Sabra Bootie, but I was thwarted by the fact that said bootie was sold out in my size everywhere I looked. And who was I kidding, really? Suede in Pittsburgh's brutal weather?

I finally decided I wasn't going to find perfection, and didn't want to spend the money to find it for a pair of shoes that might possibly get ruined. In comes Mossimo's Kalila boot (available at target). I had read various reviews talking about the comfort level of the shoe and decided to check it out myself.

After walking around the house in these booties, I have to say they are quite comfortable. The shoes aren't leather, but for the price that isn't surprising.

Mossimo Kalila, Fall 09, shown with American Apparel Thermal Leggings

Next up is a bootie my lovely friend Cecilia recommended to me. (Recommended may not be the right word so much as pointing out to me shoes she was considering, and then me swiftly single-white-femaling her) They looked really cute online, but took quite a bit of searching to find my size. In the end, I sized up and ordered from a site that has easy returns.

The leather and shape of the shoe looks quite nice... off my foot. I can't decide if the shoes are just too big for me, and that is what is causing my "eh"ness about them, or if the shape is just not suited for me. From the front they look fantastic, but the side view is a bit clog-like. This is not helped by the large ankle opening. All-in-all, they are nice shoes. Leather uppers and rubber soles - perfect for rough winters, but I am not sure they are "me".

Me Too Lunar, Fall 09, shown with Givenchy Chevron Tights

Fit on both shoes seems true-to-size. I took a US 7 in the Target boots, which is perfect to wear with thicker socks and tights. The shoes are, again, non-leather and cheap material. I don't expect them to look stellar for longer than one winter.

The Me Too shoes are a US 7.5, and a 7 would probably suit me better, but I've yet to find it in-stock. I think the Mossimo pair may win out, at least to get me through another winter until I decide I've found a more perfect pair.


  1. I just ran across your blog (I just ran across Becca's, and this has turned into a ran-across chain), and it is fantastic! Your shoe collection is lovely, and I really love hearing all your descriptions and related anecdotes. And the legwear you pair with them everytime is awesome as well! As if I didn't have a big enough Sock Dreams addiction already ;)