Monday, March 28, 2011

Situations wanted

Had a quick twirl around Nordstrom today and these shoes were the brightest stars I saw, Jeffrey Campbell "Situation". A gorgeous two-toned shoe with a pretty bow, they looked perfect with the tights I happened to be wearing.

Jeffrey Campbell "Situation" in Beige/Black

The color in-person is much closer to that of the first picture, a really warm, buttery caramel. A very nice lady-like heel, perfect for year-round wear. They come in two other colorways on the Nordstrom website (pink/black and grey/white), found here.

The tights were a Marshall's find recently, by my favoritest brand Trasparenze. I love that they give a kind of "leggings" look but are closed-toe nylons. They are great for the transition weather in which i kind of want the look of bare feet, but my feet are still pretty cold!

Trasparenze Riki in Cosmetic

Fit on the shoes is true-to-size. I tried on the 6.5 out of laziness, and would have needed a 7. They are lower-heeled so the comfort was higher than normal for heels, but being patent, I think these would need "broken in" a bit to make them more comfortable.


  1. i love those tights AND those shoes! Man. i need to go to marshall's.

  2. In my new phase of "I can walk better in heels hovering 4" or 5" " I feel as though they need to be TALLER!

    More height!


  3. @sarah - it's hit or miss. since it's getting to be warmer weather (or is SUPPOSED to be anyhow), they've gotten less in, but sometimes there's a plethora! i've also been getting lucky at gabriel brothers, they had a bunch of french connection tights for $3.

    @chuck - don't worry, i'll be back to high before you know it!