Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am late and lazy with this, but I had a wonderful Saturday night last week. I got to attend a class by an amazing presenter, and afterwards I got to wish a belated happy birthday to a friend, who happens to be Jess of Consume or Consumed's husband.

I debated wearing two separate outfits, but instead opted for ease and slight "maybe not everyone's ready for avant-garde"-ness of a sheer vintage dress with a vintage 50s bathing suit as my "slip" underneath. I also wanted to break out a favorite pair of shoes I don't wear nearly often enough, a pair of sequined heels that jazz up any outfit!

The look can be seen on Jess' blog post, where both of our party outfits are showcased.

I ended up wearing the shoes again last night, and figured I'd share my other outfit pairing here. This top, like many things in my closet, took me awhile to track down (almost 4 years). The shoes took me less time to track down, about a year. I actually bought them on-sale from Neiman's, but returned because I was appalled at the sale price for what I considered damaged heels (the heel is kind of warbled). When they showed up on eBay for about half of the sale price I paid, and the damage pictured and described -- I knew it had to be the same pair and decided I needed them in my life.

The pants were a great find at Gabriel Brothers, home of Urban Outfitters and Anthropology castoffs. They were only ten dollars and I have more than got my money's worth of them for how frequently I wear them.

Christian Louboutin Decollete Paillette 2008-9ish

Shoes worn with: Nanette Lepore Torreador top, Silence and Noise pleather pants

The shoes aren't the comfiest. I think most people either love or hate decolletes, and I'm neither here nor there. I think with foot petals they would feel a lot better, but for now I limit them to only a few hours at a time (I ended up swapping for flats after a few hours last night). These shoes run pretty small as well, these are a 37.5, and I could have easily taken a 38 as well.


  1. You look awesome! I love that top and those shoes. And I loved your outfit for the party! Thank you for the link love. You are of course welcome to post the photo here too, if you want! It was from your camera, after all!!

  2. thanks, jess! i didn't want to double-post the outfit and i like it on your blog :)

  3. i love those damn pants on you, erin. I need to visit and hit a gabe's with you. STAT.