Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Business in the front, party in the back

I know all my posts are like "this took me forever to track down!" And it's true, a lot of my stuff does take me awhile. Some of it is that items sell out before they make it to sale, and others even when they do go on sale, it's still out of reach for me.

This lovely number from Kimberly Ovitz falls in the former category, but probably the latter as well even if it had gone on sale (as far as I know, it sold out in most shops before it could make it there).

Months and months of eBay stalking, and this showed up in my size. I'm so happy with it. Back detailing isn't unique in itself, but I love the way this was done, with the exposed zipped and intricate strips of fabric. The material feels delicious.

Undergarments are tricky with this dress, but thankfully it's got it's own Spanx-like qualities, via the way it hugs. I need to figure out the bra situation, though. I was thinking one of those Maidenform backless bras. Hopefully I can find one in person to try on without resorting to ordering online.

Kimberly Ovitz "Martin" Dress, shown with leg avenue fishnets and Rock and Republic "Sabra" booties

Fit is a bit small, but the nature of the dress is to be very tight, so I don't think sizing up would have worked well (this is a US 8). The straps in the back are pretty snug, that is my only qualm with this size. The length is perfect, but I am only 5'2".

After seeing how well made and awesome this dress is, I'd definitely like to find more from Kimberly Ovitz.


  1. this looks so great on you! best purchase.

  2. At first glance, I was sure I liked this dress beyond 'oh, a black dress.' But I kept scrolling back up to look at it and by the time I've looked at it several times it has really proven itself to be quite striking and eye catching.

    It looks great on you!