Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lots of Choices

Pittsburgh may not be a mecca of fashion, but there are still some great gems around town. I found myself in one of them yesterday during a trip to the East End to get some specialty food items from another store in the area.

Choices has been around for over a decade, and has in my opinion, the most well-curated clothing and shoe selection I've seen in Pittsburgh. The clothing is chic and elegant, very minimalist in style with luxe accessories to match (including gorgeous Bottega Veneta woven clutches).

With pieces from Acne to Givenchy, each item seems to be artfully selected to have a spot in the store. I've long admired the shoe selection, as I can remember them carrying lovely styles I've lusted after over the years (including those Prada flower heels I have -- they carried the mule version), and the clothing is of impeccable taste.

I had the pleasure of talking with the owner Jeff Malkin, and it was really interesting hearing about the store from a retail perspective. I mentioned I was a Louboutin girl, and he talked about his first year with the store, when they weren't sure how much they were going to focus on shoes. When he spoke with the Monsieur at the time, they didn't have the production capabilities to handle the orders they already had taken. Alas, no Louboutin in Pittsburgh.

Too many standout shoes to list, I still wanted to highlight some favorites. Despite the lack of weather-incentive I have for Spring, it's still quite on my mind, so here were my favorite offerings for the season.

A sumptuous black leather wedge sandal from Givenchy. The width of the straps and height of the shoe seemed just perfect. They looked like a great go-to wedge for the Summer.

Givenchy Ankle-wrap Wedge in Black Leather

The Acne snake-embossed wedge sandal was a cool kid's cross-breed of sandal and bootie. I could see these toughening up any outfit.

Acne Wedge Sandal with Snake-embossed Leather heel

And, of course, I'm always drawn in by pretty. These Lanvin bow espadrilles are exactly that.

From L to R: Jimmy Choo Glenys, Bottega Veneta sandal, Lanvin espadrille

These are only a select few of what this amazing store has to offer. The size range varies by brand, but typically from 36-41, with an occasional 35 or 42 depending on brand and style. If you are in the area, and would like to stop in and check them out they are located at 5416 Walnut Street in the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh. Not in the area? Give them a call at (412) 687-7600.

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