Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adieu, lovelies

Last night I had a wonderful time seeing a hilarious one-woman show called "Phone Whore". I don't go to the theater nearly enough, and I was glad to get out for this. Cameryn Moore was quite the charmer both on the stage, and afterwords when she invited the audience to join her at a local diner.

Theater always calls for a bit of primping, so I wore a favorite Rami Kashou dress. And not to be all "I liked him before Project Runway," but this dress was from when LetrainBleu carried his line. I wish I had gotten more of his pieces because his older stuff was really gorgeous and so rarely pops up on eBay.

The shoes were of course an eBay find, as mentioned here. They were quite a hit last night paired with the dress.

Rami Kashou dress

Miu Miu Harlequin Halter pumps

I probably shouldn't have stayed up quite so late last night because.... I'm headed off to the Big Apple tonight for a weekend filled with good food, great shopping, and fabulous ladies.

I'm beyond excited -- even if the use of Megabus is daunting ($2.50 round-trip tickets? I couldn't pass it up), and there is always the worry about hotels (3.5 star for $80ish per night, Pricelined).

With my trip in mind, I said goodbye to two pairs of shoes, making room for whatever may come home with me both in my bank account and my closet.

It pained me greatly to list the first pair. I've been trying to add more cool flats to my wardrobe, since I seem to have far too many heels. They were a one-off eBay find, and I had hoped the sizing would be okay. When they arrived, I was really sad to see they fit me weirdly. The length was okay, in theory, and the toe-box was wide enough... but the shoes kind of upturned at the end? They were definitely too small and squished my poor little tootsies. On the bright side, I have the heel version of these, so I can't be too upset.

Christian Louboutin Love Strass Flats

The second pair should have been a no-brainer for me. Even though they fit perfectly (true-to-US-size), I have three pair of nude shoes. Why do I need three pair of nude shoes? It's fairly obvious I don't, but I still I hemmed and hawed, thinking I could do a DIY with these. In the end I decided to part with them and bling another pair of shoes I own.

Christian Louboutin Nude Kid New Simple

I'm not sure what I'll bring home from New York. I may not bring home anything, but it's kind of liberating and refreshing thinking about the buffer I made in case I want to take more than a peek at the shoe selection there.

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  1. Oooooooh

    Ever since you revealed your search for the Prada flower shoes I have been blown away by the thought of:

    (a) what is lurking in your shoe cupboard which is as yet unseen; and
    (b) what you have still to acquire.

    It has become a mission for me now, tracking down the shoes that I couldn't afford 3 - 5 years ago. You are a shoe-inspiration Erin x