Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mix and match, or I have great friends part deux

I'm not really an oxford kind of girl, but once awhile there's nothing like a good saddle shoe. A saddle shoe with lace? Well, color me sold.

The Bass loves Rachel Antonoff collection is a girly, fun take on the staple shoe. Perfect for Spring and Summer, and I think will be fabulous as I break out the vintage dresses.

These shoes were made possible with the help of my wonderful friend Sarah, of Motion and Heart. Not only did she help me get these, but as many things in fashion, she turned my eye to this collection in the first place.

So the shoes! It's not obvious from pictures online that I've seen, but the whites are actually more of a cream patent leather. The alternating parts are white leather covered with intricate black lace. I can't wait to wear them!

As a bonus, I am showcasing the lovely shoes with a pair of tights I couldn't pass up as well. I love the cheeky House of Holland designs, and these are no slouch. Please note, their "one size" is ridiculously small.

View the whole collection of Rachel Antonoff shoes on the Bass website.

Bass <3 Rachel Antonoff Beatrix Lace-up Oxfords, shown with Henry Holland Superstar tights

Fit on these seems true-to-size. I sized up a half size to 7.5 to allow for socks, but I think a 7 would have been perfect since I generally don't wear thicker socks in the warmer months. Comfort is really great! I'm a little worried about getting these dirty, so I don't foresee wearing them on mile-long walks, but I can tell they will be comfortable for all-day wear.


  1. I looooove this collection but unfortunately nary a vegan pair to be found. *sigh*

  2. Holy crap! They look SO CUTE with the tights. :) Also.. i'm glad to know that their one size runs small. I almost got myself a pair, but i would've been a sausage!


  3. yeah jesse, the whole collection is super cute. sorry none are vegan :(

    sarah - i should have known better because i have those mock suspender tights but it's just like... i have to call it how cheap nylons have little stretch, because these weren't cheap, but they kind of feel like it? i like nylons that have more give and are stretchier (but not necessarily as thick as tights).

  4. i agree entirely! that's exactly how i like them, too. i don't like feeling CONSTRICTED, but i do like a gentle squeezing. hahaha. <3