Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the fence: opinions needed

I've been "visiting" these shoes at Nordstrom for the past two months. They went on sale and I finally bit. I think they are beautiful, and I'm pretty into the mesh/netting trend lately, but as much as I love them... trying to decide how much I need another pair of black dressy shoes.

Pros: D'orsay style (big fan), beautiful tulle detailing, very flattering on, comfort is okay for the height, perfect for weddings.
Cons: more than I'd normally spend for shoes made in China, do I really need these?


Note: The heel grips are temporarily place, the sticky backing has not been removed. It's just for fit.

Badgley Mischka "Dusk" in Black Tulle/Satin S/S 2011

Fit on these is slightly large. These are the 36.5, though the 36 fit as well (but was snug in the toe box). For the 36.5 I need heel grips. All of the Badgley Mischka shoes I tried on seem to fit slightly large as well.


  1. The shoes are beautiful but around the heel there is space - if you could get a size smaller (and depending on the cost) you would get the wear out of these. The mesh is very appealing and unusual and the arch of your foot very elegant IMO.

  2. @gab - thanks! the 36 i tried on was too snug in the toe box :/ the 36.5 feels okay with the heel grips. maybe i need to add a ball of foot pad, too.

  3. They are really pretty and they look great on you. But if you are lukewarm on them, I feel like you can do better. It isn't that they don't wow me. But I feel like you have such an amazing collection of shoes that you should really really love a new pair of black dressy shoes.

  4. No, don't do it. Expensive shoes should fit you well and you should never doubt that you need them in your life. If it is true love, then you will know.