Monday, May 2, 2011

Back from the Big city

So my trip was fabulous, as expected. I got to see some lovely people I've met before, and some great new faces to add to my circle of friends. There is too much to document in one posting, so for the first one I will just feature my purpose of the trip - hang out with my fellow shoe lovers.

I arrived a day earlier than the meetup, and had a great shopping buddy in my friend Jan. We weren't sure what stores we would get to see with the meetup crew, so we decided to hit up the Louboutin Boutique in the West Village (58 Horatio Street).

I fell in love with the Luxura style online, and was happy for the chance to try it on in-store. Not gonna lie, it was hard prying these from my feet. They looked so sumptuous and the maryjane style made the height really secure. In the end, 140mms are just not practical for my everyday life, so here's hoping they pop up on sale or eBay for a decent price.

Christian Louboutin Luxura 140mm in Ultraviolet Suede

These were fairly true-to-size for me. I tried on the 37, and while they felt a bit big, I'm not sure if that was because I had been walking around since 6:30 that morning. I would want to try them on again when my feet aren't swollen, but I would feel confident ordering either a 36.5 or 37. The comfort was decent for the height, but again, being 140s the comfort wasn't amazing.

Since none of the styles were really wowing me, I decided to instead try on the 'wilder' pairs. This was my favorite by far, the Pigalili. I cannot walk in 120s without a platform, and I definitely cannot walk in these death-traps, but lawdy they pretty.

The Pigalili combines sassy spikes with refined crystals. The flashy gold specchio heel ties them all together. Personally, the gold is a bit much for me. I think some celebrity could wear them with a panache I don't have. The black was much more subdued, but they didn't have my size.

Christian Louboutin Pigalili 120 in Gold

The sizing on the 120 pigalle is huge. These were the 36.5s and as you can see they are big on me. I would need a 36, however the sides cut SO low that my foot was spilling out. This really isn't a style that works well on me (in 120, I love the 100s), but there's no denying their sex appeal.

On Saturday, my lovely shoe pals and I headed to several stores, and nearing the end of our tour at the Madison Louboutin boutique (965 Madison Avenue). There was quite a large group of us, but some of us posed in a "shoe circle" of sorts. I'm in the blue leopard pair.

I scaled down my travel bag to contain 3 pairs of shoes (plus one I wore there and back), and 6 outfits. I didn't end up wearing everything, but I was pretty happy with my choices. This is what I wore on Friday. I will document the other outfits with the other New York installments.

Helmut Lang jacket, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Atlantic Sunday dress, Christian Louboutin Adona flats, Botkier Trigger, Vintage necklace


  1. Oh those purple suede...
    So, so, so pretty.

    I've been on the hunt for a pair of (practical) blue suede shoes... I've yet to get lucky.

    One day.


  2. Wow. Your flats are amazing!

  3. @chuck - calvin klein made a really cute pair called "Scarlett" that i think were a practical pair!
    @sonia - thank you!