Thursday, May 12, 2011

Boots and a bonus!

So I didn't really pick anything up in New York (a pair of hold-ups at Agent Provocateur and some inexpensive lingerie at Century 21), which is good because when I went to Off 5th, I also happened to pick up this pair.

Let me preface this by saying I hate peep-toe boots. Well, hated. I mean all I can think is "why?" or "when am I supposed to where these?!" The booties seem a little bit more reasonable and year-round, but boots are generally meant for cooler weather and the peep doesn't mesh with that.

I also kind of think Alexander Wang is overrated (there, I said it). Or maybe just overpriced.

When I saw these Freja boots in-store, though, I thought they looked really cool. Not in the hip minimalist way I'm always jealous I can't pull off, but just cool-kid awesome. They were on sale pretty cheap and I had an extra coupon. I couldn't resist. The best test of knowing that these were for me was that I wore them within a few days of buying them.

Alexander Wang Freja Boot

The shoes can be worn up or folded down (I prefer them down), and even have a snap in the back to keep them in place.

Fit on the shoes is true-to-size to slightly large. These are a 36. I really needed a 36.5 and probably could have worn a 37, but this was what they had and I had no toe overhang. Comfort is so-so. I think had I sized up in these they would be really comfortable, but the zipper area digs a little. I might try to put moleskin underneath where the zippers are to see if that helps. I wore these for 4 hours the first time I wore them and I definitely felt it. They are still available on Outnet in many sizes (though for considerably more than they were at Off 5th).

As a bonus, I wanted to talk about Sally Hansen Salon effects nail strips. I was skeptical of these, and worried they would look tacky on, but I LOVE them! I bought the laced-up and misbehaving (bogo at Rite-Aid). They took awhile to put on (maybe 20 minutes), but they were very easy to work with and the kit has long enough nail strips to do two applications. It's only been one day, so I will report back how long these have lasted me when they start to chip.

Sally Hansen Salon effects in Laced-Up


  1. I am in awe of your nails and boots. They are a perfect match!

  2. Your boots and your nails are SO FREAKING COOL. I love them.

  3. Usually toe less boots confuddle and annoy me.

    These made me literally drool all over my keyboard with envy.

    Quite possibly the sexiest pair of boots that I have ever seen Erin.