Saturday, April 3, 2010

Giuseppe Zanotti needs to be stopped

I thought about making this an April Fools joke, how much I love some of Zanotti's creations, but I got lazy and I couldn't bring myself to even joke about loving these shoes.

Giuseppe Zanotti has created some beautiful shoes. Some I've even coveted, to be honest. I like the stuff that has been done for Balmain (for the most part). I love the latest advertising with women stepping on men in hot shoes. I appreciate the cheekiness.

Let's get real here for a minute though. Racked already covered his blingy dollar-sign shoes and bullet sandals, but there are so many other atrocities out there. It's kind of become a thing now where I can instantaneously "spot the Zanotti" by how ugly the shoe is. Is he playing a joke on us? Trying to see how far fashionistas will go to be "in style"? I sometimes think Marc Jacobs does that.

First up we have the bedazzled sandals for spring! Available at Bergdorf Goodman, for a price I didn't even bother to look up because you couldn't pay me to wear these, these are like Easter confections from hell. I know what you are saying "could you do any better?" Yes, yes I could.

Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled sandal, S/S 10

The boots (available at Barneys) upon first glance looked really nice. Solid shape, nice details. Then I turned them around. OMGWTFBBQ? Why? Were they not heavy enough? Did they need some pastel-colored bling for spring?

Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled Boot

Not nearly as bad as some of the other shoes I've seen out there, but I can't imagine the shame I'd feel wearing what looks like a DIY belt buckle on the back of my heel.

Size + fit = Not available because I'd be embarrassed to even try these on.


  1. Marc Jacobs always does that shit. Marc Jacobs 95% of the time is shit.
    I'm Allante, check me out.